Things To Use for Unblocking Drains Explained by a Plumber

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Blocked drains are a common problem in homes but the good news is that various products are available to handle the situation. Unclogging the stopped-up or slow draining sinks, showers, and toilets is possible with appropriate home care solutions. Here are some of your options:

Using the plunger

Use the right one based on the clog location like whether it is a toilet or sink and maximize the pressure by covering overflow outlets. First, turn off the water supply and then use plungers

Enzymatic or chemical cleaners

There are cleaners to use based on severity and type of clog. The products for slow-flowing drain are ineffective for complete blockage. Enzymatic products are slower than chemical-based cleaners but are not harmful.

Using cleaners safely

Follow the directions precisely and use in a well-ventilated room and do not let the cleaner sit in the drain for long. Use eye protection and gloves when handling the products and when pouring cleaners do not stay in the shower stall or tub. Pour cleaners carefully and avoid spillage because caustic cleaners damage marble, stone, and stainless steel so be careful.

Do not mix cleaners with cleaning things even when homemade and never pour another cleaner after the first one when it fails to work. The chemical reaction leads to toxic gas generation or explosions and flush drains after using chemical cleaners.

Follow the instructions for water temperature and the length of rinsing. Do not use chemical cleaner for unclogging toilets and unclog toilet with a plunger, auger, or enzyme cleaner.

Find a professional in your area by searching online with queries like ‘plumber Kensington‘ or ‘blocked drain Maroubra’ when nothing else works.

Ready-made products

These top performers are favorite with consumers as it dissolves the clog when poured down the drain. It removes scum from melting soap, dissolves hair, gunk clog, and grease and in drains with complete clogs it works in half an hour and repeats for persistent clogs.

Leave this overnight for the best results and clear clogs thoroughly in the standing water. You can handle blocked drains with readymade products

Using drain snake

This cheap tool gives wonderful unclogging results. It contains a flexible and long metal rope and has a metal spiral at one end. Put this down the drain to bring out the scum or gunk and unclog drains

What can I put down to unblock it? – Find the right items

You can use chemical cleaners to dissolve soap, grease, paper, and hair and it works smoothly on organic products to unclog drains safely and quickly. The thick formula removes things clinging to pipes and clogging.

It is effective and easy to use working on the things causing clogs within minutes. It is more effective with faster action than the manual methods for unclogging drains. This cuts through water standing in the sink or toilet to reach the clog straight. The cleaners are safe on metal pipes, septic system, garbage disposal, and PVC. This cleans and removes clogs in sinks, showers, and bathtubs.

When nothing else works, depend on a plumber for getting the desired results.

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