Tips and Tricks to Help with Dog Anxiety

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Pets are cute and loyal and for many are part of the family. Spending time with them can help with our wellbeing, allowing us to feel relaxed and safe. Due to the pandemic, many of us have spent even more time with our dogs but this change in routine may see your dog suffering from anxiety when things go back to some form of normality. As we start going back to work and leave our pets alone they can start to worry which can lead to anxiety.

There are several signs your dog may be suffering from anxiety from howling and barking whenever left alone to chewing and destroying furniture. If you observe these symptoms in your dog, then there are plenty of tips to help them cope with stress and anxiety. Below are some tips and tricks to help with dog anxiety:

  1. Periodic Exercise & Walks:

When you do not regularly take your dog outside for a walk, they may start feeling anxious when alone in the home. Dogs require exercise and love to explore new areas.  Therefore, you must take your dog for a walk at least once a day to help them relax.

  1. A Comfortable Dog House:

If you are keeping the dog in a small and uncomfortable room, their mind may become stressed. Get a comfortable and spacious dog house for them. When you provide them a separate space, they can spend some time with themselves in a calm and peaceful environment. Their mind will feel free and cheerful in their dog house. Make sure that you provide sufficient food, cushions and their toys for them to stay in there comfortably.

  1. Practice Sessions:

Do you take your dog everywhere you go and never leave them alone? Then the thought of separation from you can make them feel stressed. What you can do is leave them alone at your home for short periods as a practice for when you intend to head back into work. Behave naturally when you return back home and show them some love. This way, they will get used to it which will help them to deal with anxiety and stress. Try increasing the time period of leaving them alone at home bit by bit.

  1. Keep Them Engaged:

When leaving your dog alone ensure you leave them with plenty to keep them entertained. There are lots of things you can leave for them including hiding treats around the home for them to find, leaving the radio on for some background noise, and their favourite toy. This stops negative thoughts which can lead to anxiety.

  1. Get a Vest For Your Dog:

One of the main reasons for anxiety and stress in dogs is the feeling of insecurity. A vest can give them a sense of security, by controlling the secretion of the body hormones that cause stress. It applies pressure to their body which makes their mind and body feel relaxed. Your dog will feel protected and mentally stable. The dogs can wear this vest during long car drives or when you leave them alone in the house.

There you have it plenty of tips and tricks to help your dog feel happy and peaceful even when you are not home. If you are still searching for more helpful information then take a look at the infographic below:

Dog Owners' Guide - Helping Our Dogs Cope with Stress and Anxiety Infographic

Image Credits: Liz Tremblay, Lords & Labradors

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