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Having and keeping a pet is a challenge. Keeping the doctor away is also based on balanced diets like a human’s. We all want our pets to live as long as they can, so by considering their exercise and diet routines alongside how much love you shower on them is essential. If you don’t know the best kinds of food to feed your dog, or you want to change their diet and have it remain healthy, check out a few of the tips below.

Foods that keep teeth healthy

A dog’s dental health is incredibly important. Their mouths are the way they explore the world, and not having a healthy mouth can be severely depressing to your best friend.

Give a dog a bone is quite the literal phrase. Dogs love bones, and they’re great for the gums as well. However, make sure any bones you give a dog are of the raw kind.

The kind of treats best for dogs

We all treat our dogs from time to time; whether it’s as a little reward or a huge spread on their birthdays. However, we need to be clever and careful about what we give them that we think they’ll love.

Try some fruits and vegetables to give to your dog instead of meat. Banana and apple slices are common foods around the house that are perfectly safe to give to your pet. If you prefer shop bought items specially for dogs, look at the natural section in pet stores. To find some all natural treats you can click here, as these are the best kind of rewards to give your dog once they’ve completed a trick. You don’t want to give your pet too many calories a day just in treats, similar to a human being on balanced diet.

Your dog’s weight and size is the most defining factor in determining how many treats they can have per day. However, the general rule is that treats should only make up about 10% of their daily food intake.

Often missed substances to keep away from

If you’re cooking in the kitchen, and you look down and see your dog waiting patiently, you can be tempted to give them a sample. Similarly, we often find ourselves as dog owners giving them scraps from the table. However, a lot of what goes into normal human food can be harmful for them.

Garlic is a common spice everybody uses in their meals, however it is extremely toxic to our canine companions. Even a small amount is incredibly dangerous due to the concentrated nature of the way garlic is produced. The same goes for onions and any derivatives of it, as the two foods are from the same family.

Chocolate is a known no-no for dogs, but the same goes for caffeine as well. Dogs are a lot more sensitive to the effects of ingesting caffeine than humans are, and so it has an even worse effect on their health in the long term.

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