Top 6 Pre-Nuptial Photo Concepts and Trends in 2020

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Are you preparing for your wedding and excited to do your pre-wedding photoshoot? Thinking of the perfect theme for your sessions can be both stressful and fun. You need to decide based on your style. For better conceptualization, you may brainstorm with your chosen wedding photography services provider.

Pre-nuptial photo shoots are becoming a trend among wedding nowadays. Couples love it as they will have an opportunity to spend time together and bond with their wedding photographer before the actual ceremony. The soon-to-be-husband-and-wife will also have some beautiful pictures to use in preparation for their wedding.

Tips on How to Utilize Your Pre-Nuptial Photos

Aside from serving as memories of your special day, you can use your pre-wedding images for several purposes. They can serve as a way to present yourself and your partner as a couple to your guests, relatives, and friends.

Here are some instances where you can make good use of your pre-wedding photos:

  • For announcing your engagement in social media. You can share your beautiful pre-nuptial images on social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, to tell the whole world you are getting married.
  • Feature your best photographs in your Save-the-Date invitations. You can also create a slideshow featuring your pictures to accompany your invite.
  • Use them as your featured decoration at your wedding. Your pre-nuptial photos are an excellent adornment to your reception venue.
  • Make your pictures as gifts to your guests and family members. You can frame your chosen photographs and give them as presents to your guests and family members.

Top Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Your Consideration

Deciding on your pre-nuptial theme will depend on you and your partner. It is essential to discuss it with your professional wedding photography services provider so he/she can give his/her advice. If you don’t still have ideas in mind, here are some pre-wedding concepts you may consider:

  • Doing your photography at night. Make a difference and do your posing with your loved one under the full moon and starry sky. Night photography is ideal for night owls or those who love the sparkle of the night.
  • Another unique idea is a mini-shoot. However, you consult with your photographer about it as it will consume a lot of time and require appropriate planning. Your photographer may also ask for an additional fee in doing this shoot.
  • Use your hobbies, sports, or favorite recreations or activities. If you love music, do your photoshoot with a piano or other musical instruments as props. If you are into equestrian, take photos with your favorite horses.
  • A walk in the park. Photograph yourselves walking in the park while holding hands. Make the beautiful sceneries as the background of your sweet moments.
  • Set your photoshoot during sunset to capture the charm and beauty of the setting sun. You can also opt to take your photos at the beach. Doing this will give you the chance to combine the elegance of sunset and the calm of the sea.
  • Underwater shoot. Capture the beauty of the ocean and its creatures with underwater photography. However, make sure all of you can swim to avoid any untoward incident.

Preparing for your wedding is both fun and stressful. Your pre-nuptial shoot offers a much-needed break for you and your partner. You can also use the opportunity to bond with your wedding photographer.

Image Credits: Nathan McBride

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