Top Tools You’ll Need for a Successful Home Renovation Project

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Home renovation projects are more popular than ever and can add value to a property as well as making it a more enjoyable place to live. Making sure the project is delivered to a high standard is paramount and to do so involves having the right tools to hand, as and when they are needed. With this in mind we list the top tools you’ll need for a successful home renovation project.

Top 2 Power Tools

It stands to reason that using power tools, where appropriate, makes a home renovation project easier, quicker to complete and therefore, adds most value. But, which are most commonly used and make the biggest difference? A cordless drill is, arguably, the most versatile and hardest working of all power tools. This is because drilling holes is only one of the things they can be used for. Investing in a range of attachments for a drill turns it into a versatile tool that can be used for a multitude of tasks including screwing and sanding.

A high quality electric saw comes a close second to a drill when we consider the most useful power tools. Essential, particularly if working or building with timber, an electric saw isn’t just easier to use, it produces more accurate results that make for that perfect finish all serious DIYers strive to achieve.

Whilst power tools may be important, there are of course jobs that they aren’t cut out for and that is where something handier is required.

Hand Tools

Top notch hand tools can really make the difference to a home renovation project, particularly when working at close quarters or adding the finishing touches to a job.  A screwdriver set, for, example can be a priceless addition to your arsenal of tools and used when working with electricity or plumbing – scenarios where power tools are simply too big or too clumsy.

Pliers are also must have items for those who are planning a home renovation project and will sit alongside other items such as a utility knife, chisels and an all-important tape measure.

High Tech Tools

In addition to power and hand tools, there are now a broad range of high tech tools to help with home renovations and other DIY projects. A digital paint colour identifier, for instance, is a device that will scan a colour and connects to a smartphone app, where you can identify it and find a paint colour to match.

Other digital DIY tools include stud finders and these locate objects that have been sunk into walls such as pipes, thus ensuring you don’t drill or knock nails into them.

There is nothing worse than starting a job only to realise that you don’t have the tools you need to get it done and so taking stock before hand is good practice and will save on time and stress.

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