Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Improve Your Relationship

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s time to celebrate you and your partner’s love for one another. However, this is not a just period of loved-up festivities, it is also a period to reflect on your relationship. What went well this year for you and your partner? What didn’t go so well? Savoring the good times and addressing the bad times is a great way to refresh and redesign your relationship this Valentine’s Day. If you’re fighting, don’t feel comfortable around each other or just feel a bit blue about it all – then it’s time to address these issues. Then you can use Valentine’s Day to celebrate your relationship! Here are some ideas that are not only fun and romantic, but will actually improve your Valentine’s Day!

Do something you’ve never done before

Introduce a bit of excitement into your relationship with an adventure into the unknown… go somewhere you’ve never been before and experience something new together. Doing new things together is a great way to bond and build memories with one another, whilst also seeing more of the world and what it has to offer. Why not visit an unusual museum, or go hiking in the country, or take a weekend break in a city you’ve never seen? Dedicate your Valentine’s Day to going on an exciting journey and discover more of the world together. Find an activity that marries the interests of you and your partner and incorporate that into your Valentine’s Day plans.

Avoid clichés

Sure, sometimes the classic rose bouquet, box of chocolates and dinner for two triple combo is the way to go for Valentine’s Day – but it wouldn’t harm to shake things up a little either. Don’t rely on lazy clichés to communicate your love for one another. Thinking outside the box and doing something unexpected is a great way to relight your relationship this Valentine’s Day. For example, invest in a special gift with a difference. Avoid go-to heart shaped cushions and instead why not write your partner a passionate love letter, or get him some plush men’s comfort shoes, or get him something personalised like a pen with his favourite song lyric on it? Going that extra mile on Valentine’s Day will certainly make your partner feel special and will strengthen the connection between you two. Complementing your gift with a well-written love letter is a good idea. Love letters aren’t just for the ladies, check out some ideas on writing love letters for him.

Be present

Be alive and present during your Valentine’s Day together. Maybe you’ve been stressed out at work, or you’ve been busy sorting out family issues, or you’ve fallen out with a friend over something… no matter what, you need to take time to focus on your partner during Valentine’s Day. Making your partner feel heard and like he’s the most important thing in your world right now will make your Valentine’s Day truly special. If you feel that your partner has been stressed and is not paying you attention either, simply lead by example and show him how it’s done by making him feel appreciated. He will naturally follow you’re lead. Appreciation is the name of the game this Valentine’s Day, if you want to feel loved you have to give love as well.

Dress up

Maybe you’ve planned to go to dinner together, or maybe you’re going to the cinema or a gig for your Valentine’s Day treat. If you have the opportunity to do so, dress up to the max on Valentine’s Day! Get your favourite party dresses and stilettos out of the closet and relish in the ritual of making yourself look gorgeous. Tell your partner that he needs to dress to impress as well. There are multiple perks to dressing up: 1. looking great makes you feel great, 2. the dressing up process gets you in the mindset that you’re in for a fun night on the town, and 3. it truly makes your evening feel like a special occasion.

Maybe consider surprising your partner with a new outfit! Get some new killer heels from Mr Shoes or explore the web for a hot new dress or some knock-out jewelry.

Celebrate the past

Your first date was at the cinema where you both sat and barely watched the film because you were both too preoccupied thinking about how great the person next to you is and hoping that the evening would end in a kiss. Go back to the roots of your relationship by revisiting where your love first blossomed. Go to the cinema and celebrate where you first felt your heart flutter for your partner. If you first confessed your love for one another during a summer picnic under the dappled light and serene sway of the trees above, go back to that park and rejoice in your love for one another. This is great way to bring out those loved-dovey nostalgic feelings for one another and get that honeymoon feeling back into your relationship.

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