Wardrobe Essentials for Business and Beyond

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When it comes to business one needs to take every advantage, wherever possible in order to gain a competitive edge and to do so effectively you must feel comfortable and look the part. Here we take a look at the various elements that are wardrobe essentials for business and beyond.

Business Apparel

Whilst dress-down days and policies are fun and can be a really effective motivational tool, modern business men and women still need to dress to impress at least some of the time. Projecting a sense of success is good for business and nothing does so as well as a sharp suit. A well-cut suit in navy blue or charcoal grey is the quintessential business apparel and is a must have for executives who want to excel.

Worn with a shirt and tie for the gentlemen and a blouse or even a light knitted top for women will provide options. When at your desk, you can slip off your jacket and roll up your sleeves before getting on with work. Then put the jacket back on when in meetings or out for lunch. And, for after-work drinks a suit will continue to impress at a smart bar or club.

Accessorising for the Office

Even if you are the type of person who likes to look a little understated, less is more, there are some accessories that are of paramount importance and one such accessory is a watch. Wearing a watch says a lot about you as a person, for example, your propensity for accuracy, being punctual or meeting deadlines. Watchmakers such as Henry London offer a range of watches that work perfectly with the requirements of a business wardrobe, but also for more casual wear.

Along with a watch, a pen is another accessory all professional business men and women should invest in. Whether it be a fountain pen or a sleek ink roller or a bespoke ballpoint, nothing seals the deal like a premium pen.

A Bag for Business

The final item that all self-respecting business folk need is a bag for business and the first choice of many would be a soft leather briefcase. Choose a bag that will look great, but that will also hold a tablet, for working and communicating on the go, as well as phones and other items that if carried in your pockets would ruin the line of your outfit. Avoid bags that are too bulky, however or that look too collegiate – the latter may make you look like you are a little wet behind the ears.

Taking notice of these three pieces of advice will leave you well prepared, looking the part and ready to take care of business and everything beyond.

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