What do Machine Movers Do, and Why Should You Hire Them?

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The machinery you use often accounts for some of your business’s most valuable assets. Therefore, it can be a significant undertaking when moving it from one site to another or even within the same factory. If you’re looking to save money, you might consider carrying out the job yourself or using a more generic moving service to help you. However, moving machinery should be undertaken by professional machinery movers who have experience moving heavy machinery.

If you have been looking for machine movers that can help you with your construction business, help you move a machine within your site, or to somewhere else, you are probably looking for much more than a mobile crane for hire. So when you’re looking for a local industrial services company that can plan and deliver a turnkey project, what exactly should you expect from your machinery movers?

Your Machine Movers Should Invest in Understanding the Brief

It would help if you were sure that the machine movers you find have the capabilities you specifically need; you should expect the movers to visit the site and understand the specific site environment. The machine’s location that needs to be moved and any site-specific safety or logistical considerations. Only then can your machine movers put together a detailed method statement and risk assessment that will form the framework for the project, enabling them to quote for the job.

Conduct a RAM – Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Due to the dangerous nature of moving heavy equipment and machinery, RAM is a requirement. These outline the move ahead of time, what will be required, along with many other areas. This will include public liability insurance, sire survey, hazardous substances, and a variety more.

Right Team and Equipment

To move heavier machinery, the right equipment must be used. If this is not taken into consideration properly beforehand, then you can increase the risk of delays, higher costs, and even dangerous accidents that can take place. The Professional machinery moving companies you hire should have the right equipment designed for these specific purposes. This equipment ranges from forklifts to high-mounted cranes to hydraulic gantry systems. In addition, they use special tools for moving and lifting heavier machinery. Depending on your company’s needs, these experts can bring in specialised tools to help you move your machinery safely and in the most efficient manner. Also, the operators are experienced in lifting and moving bulky components.

They Should Be Able to Update your Asset Register

While machine movers work on-site, they can provide much more than lift and shift capabilities. Machinery and equipment moves, decommissioning projects, and shutdown periods all provide an excellent opportunity to update your asset register. Your machine movers can help you with this, adding value to the outcomes of your project.

The best machine movers can do much more than provide a mobile crane for hire. When you have trained professionals handling such dangerous tasks, accidents are low. Your workers will appreciate your concern and applaud your decision of not burdening them with a job that they are not officially trained to do. This will ensure that your business enjoys a good reputation between the employees and the community.

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