What Happens if You Are the Target of False Sex Crime Accusations?

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Getting charged with a sex crime changes your entire life. If the accusations are false, then you’ll need an attorney to turn things around. The confidence of a professional is the biggest help to defending clients charged with sex crimes. Making the right moves from the start will be the deciding factor to getting your life back on track.

Don’t Panic

When accused of a sexual assault, your reaction can go a long way. If you’re too aggressive against the accusation, you’ll be seen as guilty. If you’re too passive, then you’ll do damage to your reputation. Getting accused of a crime will lead you to a test of your emotions – sometimes in a way that will catch you off guard. Learn to balance the initial blow without getting to offensive (or defensive) about the original accusation.

Stay Away from The Accuser

The biggest mistake that is made in all sex crime accusations is contact. The accuser is the victim, and any contact you make towards them can be seen as harassment. Even if you mean well, nothing good will come from directly contacting the accuser to confirm their accusation. Some of the worst-case scenarios ended up with the accused going to the house of the victim and starting a physical fight. When it gets to that point, the sex crime accusation is the least of your worries.

Contact an Attorney

After you’ve heard the accusation and calmed down, contact an attorney. A clear head will help you answer some pointed questions about the incident without getting emotional. Without a clear head, you’re likely to miss important details about the event. When a face-to-face meeting is set, stick to the appointment and don’t inflame your current situation. Turn off social media, and focus on your day-to-day activities until the meeting.

All Statements Should Be Vetted

False sexual assault allegations are about many things. It can be money, revenge or blackmail. But the one thing that it always touches is reputation. Your reputation is a big deal, especially in cases with a low amount of evidence. Don’t fall into the trap of talking to people about your case offline, or online. Anything that you have to say about the incident should always be done through an attorney. Without that filter, your case becomes incredibly hard to fight for.

Details Are Important

No matter how small the detail is, tell your attorney. Even if you remember something at a later date, that small detail can change everything. The details you neglect to tell your attorney can turn into a winning argument for the other side. Keep your attorney informed so that they’re always fighting with current information. When your life and reputation is on the line, details are a huge difference maker.

Wrap Up

Pay close attention to the things you do while being accused for a sex crime. Even small decisions can have a long-lasting impact if you’re not careful. With time and patience, you can return to a normal life.

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