Puberty Growth Spurt – Growing Tall After Puberty Review

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It’s no secret that growth spurts happen during puberty. However, science tells us that growth plates close right after puberty. That means the height that you gain during this period is your final height.

But, there’s always a chance. Our genetic makeup, as well as our current environment, has a role to play. In other words, the odds may be in your favor. So, why not jump right in and try your luck? You never know what may be in store for you. You may become taller even after puberty. If you’d like a comprehensive guide we recommend the how to grow taller guide.

Here are some of the tips we put together to help you achieve that goal.

Eating the Right Diet

There’s no shortcut to grow tall, and you need to eat the right diet. Essentially, a balanced diet is critical to your health and growth. A balanced diet provides all the nutrients that your body needs to power growth. Mainly, the nutrients and minerals are the building blocks to your ideal height.

The essential minerals and vitamins that you get from a balanced diet include Vitamin D, vitamin B1, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus.


Stretching may not directly add to your height. However, it will help you achieve the right posture. You see, most of the office jobs require us to adopt an unnatural posture. That is why you will notice that you are a bit taller in the morning than in the evening.

Also, stretching helps remove stress in the muscles. It helps enhance blood flow into them. As such, nutrients and other minerals necessary for growing tall can reach their destination.

Some examples of the stretching exercises include standing on your toes, hanging on a monkey bar, doing the cobra pose, and skipping ropes.

Sleeping enough

The contemporary life is busier, and everyone seems to be in the fast lane. There’s nothing wrong with trying to achieve your goal and getting ahead in life. However, you need to slow it down especially during the night and have adequate sleep.

Sleeping is an crucial body process that allows your body to recoup the lost resources and regenerate the cells and tissues to grow tall and healthy. Your body heals best when you are asleep. More importantly, it is when you are deep asleep that your body produces the most amount of growth hormone. Typically, it is the growth hormone that helps you grow taller. It fuels all the processes necessary for growth.

Stay away from illegal drugs

Taking the prohibited drugs blocks the natural body processes, and that leads to stunted growth. Ideally, stay away from those drugs if your goal is to become taller than you are. Specifically, smoking contains nicotine which hurts the pituitary gland. The same case applies to drinking a significant amount of alcohol.

Maintaining the Right Weight

Keeping the right body mass index helps optimize the body processes and avoid issues that may block any height growth efforts. Obesity not only affects your growth but also poses a variety of health risks. Ideally, eat the right portions and save the rest for another day. You don’t have to eat all that you can.

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