What is the Significance of Remote Proctoring?

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There are diverse advanced tools that businesses are using to enhance their growth and simplify their tasks. Being a business, you need to get with the times, or you might be left behind.. You should invest in the new tools and instruments for the best outcome.

Remote proctoring or online proctoring solutions are becoming more common with educators and businesses. These online proctoring tools make use of advanced algorithms and machine learning to discourage cheating by automatically identifying cheating-like behaviour during online assessments. The technology tracks the behaviour and patterns of people during the assessment, and remote proctoring platforms commonly use secure browsers so exam organizers can decide how much flexibility users have to access certain web pages or applications.

Evolving technology

These days educators and businessmen want to continue to evolve and adopt new technologies that permits them to expand their current capabilities and allow for better educational opportunities for users. The point is clear, this revolutionary technology is expanding the world of examination and allowing educational institutions and businesses to expand their classroom or tests to beyond the campus. Beyond automated digital cheating deterrence and that of better accessibility, there are many other perks that remote or online proctoring solutions can offer educators and businessmen.

Easy access for learners and instructors

If online proctoring solutions are combined with learning platforms, they can cater to both learners and instructors easily, offering single-click access to assessments. All users need to do is login to their learning platform to launch the proctoring instrument, for a single sign-on (SSO) experience. When instructors are setting up an online exam, they don’t need to create a spreadsheet with students’ names and IDs— it is already in the learning platform. The staff can put together their assessment as they generally would and incorporate all the essential applicant information with the click of a button.

Utmost accessibility

Remote or online proctoring solutions can help instructors better serve learners having disabilities, and who require special accommodations, by allowing them to take assessments right from the comfort of their own home at their convenience. After all, you cannot disagree that there are talented souls and brilliant minds with disabilities out there and you would never want to skip them. They can be a wonderful asset for your organization.

Verification of applicant

To use online proctoring, aspirants must set up an online ID and profile. They do it by making use of a webcam and verification tech, including biometric facial recognition, to match them each time they login to the system. This permits instructors to easily verify their students’ identities so they can easily learn who they are, what they look like and even that of their learning patterns.

Remote or online proctoring solutions will usually provide instructors with exam recordings for each applicant who takes an examination using the proctoring software, as well as that of comprehensive reports that look at the activity of the applicant during every minute of the examination. Instructors can make use of this information to witness how applicants test, and analyse the test recordings to glean insights into learning patterns, such as if there are particular problems that trouble certain students, or in case a class didn’t respond well to a specific kind of question.

Independence regarding geographical location

This kind of proctoring can be implemented in a diverse range of conditions such as digital exam venues, lecture spaces where candidates or applicants use their own laptops, computer practical labs, and even at home on candidate’s own computers. Even if you have some candidates from another state taking your test, you can certainly be sure about the safety of their test. You can be certain that they have taken the test with truthfulness. In this manner, there would be no need to visit the campus for the test. It saves a lot of time, pennies, but most importantly effort.

The proctoring system provides the following options:

  • Audio and video surveillance by making use of a webcam and that of a mobile phone camera.
  • Screenshots.
  • Live proctoring during the In such tests, invigilators view the images live remotely, and they share an alert if there is an issue.
  • Standard video recordings of the tests.

It is in your hands only. It depends on you what you want to have. You can be as particular in your choices as you wish to be. No matter if you want to go for live, recording or any other sort of proctoring system; you can make a decision. After all, at the end of day these are the means that make it possible for you to carry out and organize tests from anywhere.

The candidates who sit the test need to download and install the software on the computer that is going to be used for the test. Once the candidate starts the examination, the application examines his/her computer and webcam, and a lockdown gets put in place to prevent him/her from opening any sort of web browsers. The applicant needs to confirm his/her originality by one of the diverse methods that are required by the application. Maybe a couple of them may want the candidate to show evidence of identity to the camera; others use facial recognition tools to confirm the identity of a candidate. Various other advanced technologies are also available to further confirm the identity of the candidate by instructing the user to type a particular quote, phrase and then analysing the keystrokes with previously recorded samples.

Whatever the method or technique used, after confirming the identity of the candidate, the application wants the user to show around the area or room where the test is being conducted to make sure that there is nobody else therein to help them in the test.


So, you should think of online or remote proctoring if you haven’t done it so far. In this way, you can conduct tests anywhere and ensure that the maximum possible students or candidates can take the test.

Image Credits: Victoria Heath

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