What’s Putting Your Business At Risk?

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If you’re a business owner, you’ll have to deal with a lot of threats as you build and grow your company. You know that already, of course – it’s the first thing you learn when you submit your business name! However, can you be sure you know where these risks are coming from? They can be numerous, and when you take your eye off for a moment, they can creep up on you.

Which is something we want to delve a little more into. Risk is a normal part of running a business, but you can only manage it if you know what’s going on with your company. Where does it stand in the world right now, and what could happen next? Let’s go through the most common dangers you might not be aware of below.

Not Investing in Digital Security

Digital security is one of your biggest assets as a modern business. You’ve got a lot of sensitive data to handle, and keeping it safe is the one thing any consumer asks of you. So make sure you’re aware of how a firewall works at the very least! And if you’re on a shared network, constantly check that it’s always turned on and hasn’t accidentally been switched off.

Apart from this, make sure you’re only ever using secure cloud storage that proves they can be trusted. Run regular scans with your antivirus and antimalware software, and never miss a software patch or update. Poking holes in software stability is one of the best ways for hackers to intrude into your business.

Holding the Wrong Insurance

Depending on the kind of company you’re running, not all business insurance policies will be made the same. For example, if you’re a contractor and have a lot of risky situations to tackle each workday, a policy such as tradie business insurance is more suitable for your working environment. Regular insurance won’t fully cover you.

On the other hand, if you’re working from an office on a daily basis, it’s best to check in every now and then to keep an eye on your premium. If it’s climbing too high it can soon become a financial liability in itself, and there’s no harm in changing it every now and then.

Losing Employees on a Regular Basis

Do you need to replace an employee every few weeks or so? If so, this is a bad sign! Losing employees on a regular basis isn’t only expensive for you, but it damages the reputation of your business. Soon no one will want to work for you, so take this as a sign that your internal policy might need looking over.

What’s making people walk away? Is your working environment a little too toxic for most people’s liking? Maybe your benefits package isn’t up to scratch? Keep an eye, and make sure you’re always reviewing the way you work.

Your business will face a lot of risks – make sure you know how to pre-empt them.

Image Credits: Nataliya Vaitkevich

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