Where to Sell Your Gold in New York City

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Do you want to sell gold in NYC? If that’s the case, you are in the right place.

Gem Pawnbrokers is a legendary shop in NYC that will offer you some good cash for your silver or gold. It has been around for over six decades. They buy gold, silver and different types of goods. When selling any product, it’s more convenient if you are paid cash on delivery. This is exactly what Gem Pawnbroker does.

What Are the Features of GEM Pawnbrokers

  • Customer Satisfaction

Gem understands that gold is priceless and you have come a long way to acquire the products you are selling. Therefore, your satisfaction is given the first priority. Thus, you can rest assured that you will make good profits with your gold.

  • Competitive prices

Apart from being paid your money in cash after delivering, they buy your gold at incredible prices. This means you will get the value of your product. This is a key reason why the GEM shop is considered impressive and the best in NYC.

  • Unmatched customer services

Customers are very important in any business. Gem has a great team that has mastered the art of good communication in any customer dealings. They keep customers interest at heart as their goal is to establish a long-lasting business relationship.

  • Legitimate business

Unlike many who will promise to buy your gold without first complying with NYC laws, GEM is licensed. NYC officials are aware of its operations therefore its 100% genuine. You no longer have to risk selling your gold to illegitimate parties as GEM will have you covered.

What other items does GEM buy?

GEM buy a broad range of items such as jewelry, watches, diamonds, MacBooks, power tools. Gift bags, sports memorabilia, instruments, Apple products, and precious metals. The precious metals also include silver and gold.

Gem has a customer care staff that can answer all your queries in case you want to know whether they can buy the items you have.

They operate on a 24/7 hour basis, so you should know that someone is just waiting at the other end to receive your phone call.

Why GEM is the best market for fine watches

Its no doubt, fine watches have gained momentum lately. They are a must-have for high-profile professionals, celebrities and the laymen have not been left behind in this. Due to the rising demand for fine watches, GEM PAWNBROKERS will give you good money for the same.

This applies to a broad range of brands such as Patek Philippe, Breitling, Omega, Rolex, Audemars, Cartier among others. Your silver and gold are bought at a good price.

How does GEM ensure customers get good services?

To ensure that they offer competent services, they check market prices every day. Products prices keep changing and so any good buyer will stay updated. This makes their deals the best in New York City.

Also, they are located in about 24 locations. The locations are safe and very convenient for all sellers. Some are in Brooklyn, Westchester, Queens, Long Island, NY, Bronx and Manhattan among other great places.

The most striking thing is the highly skilled staff that have been in the business for more than 60 years. As a result, you will get a first-class service that’s quite impressive.

Image Credits: Jacek Dylag

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