Why E-Cigs Can Help You Quit Smoking, and Are a Healthier Choice Even for Smokers Who Don’t Quit

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The trend for ‘vaping‘ is one that is very hot right now. If you haven’t come across the word before, ‘vaping’ refers to the act of using an electronic cigarette – a device that delivers nicotine via inhalation in a way that feels similar to smoking, but which releases only vapour, rather than harmful smoke. Vaping has been touted by many as the easiest and most appealing way to quit smoking, and initial studies suggest using e-cigs has a much higher success rate in terms of enabling people to give up smoking than other forms of nicotine replacement (like gum or patches) or going ‘cold turkey’.

Health Benefits of Switching to E-Cigs, Even if You Don’t Plan to Quit

E-cigs are not just popular with people who have tried giving up with other methods and failed. They are also a much healthier alternative for people who plan to keep on using nicotine. Vaping has not been proven to be completely safe, however many of the things that cause health problems associated with tobacco smoking are as a result of the smoke itself and the compounds in it. The vapour produced by e-cigs does not have the same issues, because what you are inhaling is not actually smoke. This also means it is not likely to cause health problems for people around you by means of second hand smoke.

Other Benefits to Yourself and Others

If you smoke, you have probably noticed, or had less tactful people in your life comment on, the smell of tobacco smoke – which is one few people enjoy. When you vape, the vapour does usually have a smell, especially if you choose some of the wide range of flavoured e-liquids that any good vaping UK shop will carry. However, it is completely different to the smell of tobacco smoke, and is generally pleasant – giving the aroma of fruity or sweet flavours included in the e-liquid. Because it is a fragrance transmitted in vapour, it also lingers way less on things like clothes, furniture and hair than the smell of tobacco smoke, too.

As you might expect, this also means it will stop your breath smelling smoky, along with stopping you getting those tell tale nicotine stains on your hands and teeth.

Better Choice and Value

As well as being a great way to quit and a better alternative to smoking cigarettes all round, when you use an e-cig you also have a much wider choice. Different make ups in e-liquids not only give them different flavours, but also nicotine potencies (you can even get nicotine free e-liquids if you feel like using the e-cig sometimes once you have weaned yourself off of the drug). Different recipes also offer different sensations when vaping, for instance the intensity of the ‘throat kick’ when you inhale. With so much choice, and being on the whole cheaper than smoking tobacco (especially in countries like the UK where cigarettes are very highly priced), it is clear to see that there are benefits as a consumer switching to e-cigarettes, too.

If you’re a smoker, it is definitely worth trying out an e-cig and considering making the change to vaping!

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