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Any IT field requires some knowledge, but PHP development is something more complicated where preparation should be more serious. The abbreviation comes from English – Hypertext Preprocessor. This is a scripting language with the help of which web application scripts are written. It originated in 1995, the main task was to generate pages in HTML. Has absorbed much of Perl. The language is interpreted, which means that its work does not require compilation, the result of execution can be seen immediately after execution. Employers usually look for developers who obtain Laravel development and can do Laravel framework. Those developers are more paid and can provide a more complicated product, you can look at here for ensuring which skills are necessary for Laravel development.

Requirements for a PHP developer

Development of any software product always requires more than just knowledge of the development language itself. To create and maintain it, a developer needs a lot of other knowledge and skills. Laravel is a free open source general purpose PHP framework. It is the perfect solution for those who want quick and competently create a safe and reliable web project, while always staying at the height of web development technologies.

Junior Laravel Developer

Junior should understand fundamentals of the request/response model of how a web browser works, know when a form should use GET or POST for its method, bonus if you know ways to prevent double submission of a form. Most importantly, they should exhibit a curiosity about how to build good software.

Middle Laravel Developer

Criteria for Middle Laravel developer are: knowing language ecosystem, database storages & middleware (MQ, search engines, ha.resources), performing tests & code quality. Altogether with experience in engineering practices (version control, CI, P-programming) and environment (provision & deployment).

Senior Laravel Developer

Developers with rich experience in PHP projects should have: OOP skills and knowledge of design patterns, experience with Relational Databases and NoSQL technologies, knowledge of Unit Testing and Test Driven Development, familiarity with Extreme Programming (XP). Clean Coding is your most important principle.

PHP as a Back-End

PHP is a back-end programming language, which is also service-side. Any sufficient website has a wide functionality, starting for the ability to manage user access rights and ending with an ability to use webs services, work with files and much more. We can use it for sending and receiving requests and data from and to databases, in a case of using PDO, there is a possibility to communicate with a pretty big amount of different databases. For instance SQLite, Oracle, MS Access, MS Server.

Laravel is a backend (PHP) framework that runs on composer/Symfony components. When a developer builds a front end of the website, Laravel facilitates outputting of HTML data.

Build a Website

After the release of PHP7 compared to PHP5, the scripts have become faster and have begun to use much less RAM, and in conjunction with Zend OPCache show excellent results. In particular, the Laravel Forge service adjusts Zend OPCache for maximum performance.

That is why, when it comes to the performance of a particular PHP framework, they always conduct tests without caching, working with databases or files, mainly making many calls to a regular PHP page. In this regard, this PHP framework is not significantly different from all the others, but when it comes to scalability, flexibility, the universality of embedded caching mechanisms and development speed, it is then that Laravel shows all its flexibility and power.

Laravel itself is constantly being improved and follows current trends. Studying it, you will not lag behind the world of web development, the main thing is not to focus on any particular version of the framework, but to develop with it. To do this, it is also necessary to explore the innovations of Laravel.

Using Laravel, you can generate a registration and login system with one team and easily connect OAuth authentication services thanks to Laravel Socialite or even create your own using Laravel Passport. Laravel adds website speed, therefore this can improve your web development project.

Key Advantages

  • MVC code structure

The structure of the Laravel framework code corresponds to the popular MVC design pattern, i.e. in it you can select models, views and controllers.

This design pattern has proven itself to be a time-tested solution to the effective structure of applications, primarily in the web, allowing to separate the logic of the application from its visual part.

  • Registration and Authentication

Out of the box, Laravel provides a mechanism for registering and authorizing users, which simplifies the lives of developers, allowing you not to reinvent the next bikes.

  • The possibility of expanding the basic functionality

Since the framework is just a set of tools for efficiently writing code, all the banal functions that are added to two accounts in the CMS by installing ready-made modules, in the case of using frameworks, have to write by hand each time. To avoid this routine work, the Laravel developers introduced the possibility of extending the functionality of the basic application by installing packages that are analogous to modules for CMS.

Bottom Line

This framework will help you create great web applications using simple and expressive syntax while developing it should be a pleasure. Laravel is considered a powerful framework, captivating with its expressiveness, thanks to which any user can create modular code layout when creating a web project. Also, this framework is flexible, which allows you to make changes to the application, which is especially conducive to the brevity and easy readability of the code.

Things You Didn't Know About Laravel Infographic

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