Why You Should Not Cast Aside A Side Dump Trailer

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Transporting massive amounts of aggregates, demolition materials, agricultural products, and others needs to be quick and efficient. Otherwise, daily operations and the budget may suffer. Managers and operators often turn to heavy equipment use for the fulfilment of such an important task. When it comes to moving resources from one point to the other and offloading them quickly, the use of a side dump trailer is oftentimes the best solution.

Unlike end dump trailers that many are familiar with, side dump trailers work differently. They offload to the side instead of to the back, which is the norm—thus its name. Another good thing about them is that they are capable of dumping their haul to either side. It all depends on what the operation needs.

Different circumstances call for the use of different dump trailers. However, most of the time, side dump trailers can provide the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution. This is because of their ability to offload with versatility, ensuring the vehicle doesn’t tip over. They can also move drop loads at a faster rate. Provided that all the conditions are right, many perks come with their use compared to other similar heavy equipment options. You should check locally for a dump trailer for sale, you might get a good deal!

Safety Concerns

Years ago, many doubted the use of side dump trailers in various markets. Such is because earlier designs involved flaws that could compromise the safety of everyone in the construction, demolition, surface mining, or agricultural site. One of the problems that came with those unaddressed design issues was the acceleration of the tub as it offloads. Another is that the tub comes to a sudden stop each time it reaches the end of its stroke. Such caused the trailer to rattle back and forth, thus posing as a hazard risk.

Design changes, fortunately, took place, and it resulted in the stabilization of the tub’s operation and the trailer itself. For instance, mounting one end of the cylinder down within the frame lowered the center of gravity. Safer offloading is one of the perks of keeping the load as close to the ground as possible.

Various Applications

Side dump trailers offload to the side, either left or right. This is why their use helps get rid of one of the major setbacks of utilizing end dump trailers, which is leaving a large pile of the payload in one place. Although avoiding such is possible with the use of end dump trailers with live bottoms, going for side dump counterparts is a more practical option.

One of the most impressive things about side dump trailers is that they are capable of laying a row of payload. They can do so even over Jersey walls or barriers. Due to their side-tilting properties, they can transport heavier loads. Further, the kinds of haul that they can handle can range anywhere from semi-liquid materials to massive rocks. Unfortunately, while these heavy pieces of equipment are very good at offloading with efficiency, their structural length may make it challenging to maneuver them in cramped areas.

In Conclusion

The use of a side dump trailer comes with increased efficiency as well as safety in the site. Currently, there are various models available. Choosing the right one for the job requires consideration of several factors, such as the type and amount of payload.

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