Work Smarter Not Harder: 5 Ways to Automate Your Life so You Can Be More Productive

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If you want to be more productive and create more time, you have to work smarter not harder. Here are five smart and easy ways to automate your life.

In 1948, Americans worked 42.8 hours a week. Today, the average is 38.7. But studies continue to show that people feel busier than ever before.

If you feel like you never have enough time, you may need to automate your life. Our ever-increasing use of technology can contribute to feelings of busyness since we’re constantly connected, but we can also use this technology to give us more hours in the day.

Read on to learn how you can use automation to get more time back this year.

Working Smarter

The more things you can automate, the more time you have left in the day. Here are 5 ways to automate your life and increase productivity:

  1. Money Management

It’s never been easier to manage your money, with so many excellent financial apps and websites available.

If you’re not yet using Mint, you’re missing out. This free app allows you to set up budgets, see where your money is going, and track your credit. You can even see your net worth. The app will remind you to pay your bills and alert you when you’re getting close to going over your set budget.

  1. Eating and Meal Prep

Most of us would like to eat better, but meal prep and cooking takes time. One good way to automate this is to choose a meal delivery service, so you simply need to heat and eat.

Many of these are super healthy, making it easy if you’re trying to stick to a particular diet. You can also use services like Blue Apron where you’ll do the cooking but all food and easy-to-follow recipes are provided.

  1. Running Your Business

If you have your own business, you’re freelancing or you have a side hustle, there are a number of things you can automate.

A Pipedrive Mailchimp connection is a good example, and you can also automate email campaigns, email responses, and tasks you’d usually do. One way to do this is by using IFTTT which stands for If This Then That. This allows you to set rules based on certain actions, so you can cut out the time you’d spend completing time-consuming tasks.

  1. Appointments

Trying to remember your appointments can be a nightmare when you’re busy. But there are a few ways you can automate these. Many healthcare providers are able to schedule regular checkups electronically and automatically.

This means you don’t need to remember to schedule them, and you’ll get the most benefit from your insurance benefits.

  1. Packing

If you travel often, packing may be one of those things that you tend to procrastinate due to how long it takes.

But believe it or not, it’s possible to automate this too. Do yourself a favor, and create spreadsheets for the various types of trip you take. These can then be road-tested and adjusted until they’re perfect. Then, if you have a 3-day business trip, you’ll simply grab your list and tick off everything you need as you throw it in your suitcase.

Ready to Automate Your Life?

If you’re ready to automate your life, the above tips are a great place to start. While you’ll need to take the time to set up the processes, your life will soon be running like a well-oiled machine.

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Image Credits: Miguel Á. Padriñán

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