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There are few resources more valuable to a small business than customer data. Whether it’s a report on the demographics of your clientele or a master list of contact information, the more you know about your target clientele, the better you can serve them. Of course, your data is only as valuable as it is accurate. If there are mistakes and discrepancies plaguing your data set, it may actually be doing more harm than good. How can you minimize errors like these and ensure that you’re using good data for your marketing campaigns? Investing in an address verification tool for ecommerce is one of the best ways to perform an automated data audit and identify any mistakes that could be affecting your efforts.

What Causes Incorrect Address Data?

If you’re reviewing your customer data and noticing that there are some obvious discrepancies, you might wonder, “Where does incorrect address data come from?” The answer to this question depends on the source of your information. If you are sourcing your address and phone number information directly from customers, it’s possible that they have made a mistake during entry and provided information that isn’t correct. Sometimes customers may provide the correct information, but they move and their information changes, making your prior entry outdated.

The information on old contact lists may be inaccurate or outdated, meaning that you may be wasting time and effort reaching out to prospective clients who aren’t associated with the contact information you have. You can try to remedy this with phone number verification. Just make sure that you have your customers consent to contact them and market to them to make sure you are GDPR compliant.

How to Fix Incorrect Customer Address Data

Incorrect customer data can throw a wrench in your marketing and communication efforts, but luckily, there are ways to fix the problem. If you have sourced your customer information directly from customers, you can try to reach out to them using a different communication method and update information that is incorrect or outdated. This can be incredibly time-consuming to do, though, if your audit reveals a series of discrepancies. Fixing each error individually is a massive undertaking.

Another option is an automated address verification tool that allows businesses to quickly and easily confirm their customer data and make any necessary corrections. These tools can also verify phone numbers and other personal details to ensure that you are using the most accurate information for your customers. If you’re wondering how effective an address verification tool can be, there are many reviews confirming that it’s a great option for companies of all sizes. BatchData reviews illustrate many business customers’ satisfaction with the service and its impact on the quality of their customer data.

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