3 Tips for Planning Successful Commercial Fitouts

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A cramped or badly utilised workspace is a known roadblock to productivity. So, when you’re considering commercial fitouts for your office, it’s important that you plan the design carefully with your fitout company. They’ll likely have a team of professional designers, project managers and tradespeople to offer practical and insightful advice that could also save you money on commercial outfits. Getting advice from the experts will put you ahead of the game when it comes to making the right decisions for your fitout. Your ultimate goal should be to maximise the use of space in your new office so everything is set out deliberately. Below are three helpful tips for planning successful commercial fitouts.

Create a Good Impression

Before beginning commercial fitouts, it’s important to have criteria that guide your decisions. One of the most important criteria you can have is the likely first impression that your office will have on clients. If you’re looking for a new building for office relocation, pay attention to the lobby and entrance doors. The look of these areas can have either a confidence boosting or depressing effect on people. Choose a building that gives a positive and professional first impression.

You might also like to carry out commercial fitouts that offer a secluded reception area away from the main working area. This is a good way of controlling what’s seen by clients as they enter your place of business. A friendly receptionist and warm, well-organised surrounds will create a first impression that encourages repeat business.

Make Safety a Priority

When considering commercial fitouts, every responsible fitout company will be required to think about the safety of what they’re offering. However, don’t leave it to chance. Ask your fitout company questions about their commercial fitouts. The last thing you need is a legal battle on your hands if one of your employees is harmed while they’re at work. Avoid that hassle and be responsible for your part by only agreeing to fitouts that are 100% safe for your workers.

Your workers will feel valued when you provide a safe, well-maintained environment for them to work in. This includes not just the design of commercial fitouts, but also other OHS issues such as cleanliness of bathrooms and kitchenettes, maintenance of office equipment, and minimisation of all other possible hazards. Tending to these things will make your office run more smoothly and help your workers to be more productive.

Go About Business as Usual

It’s essential when planning commercial fitouts that there’s a strategy in place for getting the renovations and redecorations done around business hours. You don’t want your income stream interrupted by renovations that stop your workers from being able to do their jobs. Speak to your office fitout company about ways to handle this. Some companies offer to do the changes to your office outside of 9 to 5 hours, while others can do commercial fitouts in stages to minimise the disruption to your workflow. Just make sure you have a specific plan of how to deal with this potential issue before beginning. A good plan can save a lot of time and annoyance later down the line.

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