7 Tips for Hosting An Outdoor Event

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Planning and organizing an outdoor event may seem like an adventure for an event planner. You have several variables to consider in an outdoor event. If planned well, it can turn out to be one of the most successful and fun events. If you are not a professional, you will need to consider several aspects about the venue and décor. You will find many reasons to host an outdoor event. It can give you ample space so you can accommodate more people and you can opt for numerous themes to create a unique vibe. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you plan your event.

  1. Create a backup plan

The first thing you need to do is to create a backup plan. You need to be prepared for the unpredictable change in the weather. What would you do if it rains or the weather plays a spoilsport? You need to think of an alternative venue, a tent, or use a temporary structure. When you have a plan for contingencies, you can manage to handle the problems smoothly.

  1. Use natural décor elements

An outdoor event is an ideal opportunity to use fresh flowers, lights on trees, or other natural décor elements. You need to keep nature’s backdrop in mind when you set the theme. Make the most of natural décor elements and use them whenever you can. Use scene backdrops for the stage and use white lights across the branches. Study the available décor elements and work around it. If you want the outdoor event to look special, you need to use all the natural décor elements available to you.

  1. Choose the right foods

When you host an outdoor event, you need to pay special attention to the food you serve. Opt for food that you can keep outdoors and something that will not spoil fast. Stay away from heavy foods during hot weather. Choose small portions of finger foods that guests can nibble on when talking. Work with the caterer to create a menu that goes well with the occasion and the setting.

  1. Check the venue well

Hosting an outdoor event can be a great idea until you are told that there are no public bathrooms and you may have to incur a huge cost to settle this issue. Hence, check out the venue thoroughly. Take your time and look at every aspect of the venue before you make up your mind. You need to check if bathroom facilities are available or not, if they are, is there any additional cost associated with it? What about electricity? You need to ensure that the venue has adequate space for seating, stage, and food area.

  1. Never skimp on lighting

If the event is held in the evening, ensure that the lighting is efficient. Be sure to light the entryway for guests so as to avoid accidents. You can use string lights on the path to light the way or rent lantern posts. These elements naturally blend with the theme and are ideal for outdoor events. You can also place candles on the tables to create an intimate dinner setting. The idea is to make sure the guests are aware of where they are going. You may want to set a subtle tone, but you do not want the guests to fall.

  1. Handle the bugs

The weather plays a huge role in an outdoor event. If the event is in the summer, you need to handle the flies, mosquitoes, or the bugs as they can cause issues. You need to keep the food away in a safe place to prevent bugs, keep the trash out of the venue and have the area sprayed to keep the mosquitoes away. Consider the layout and work around it to avoid bugs and bees.

  1. Provide shade

Summer evenings can be really hot and you do not want your guests to get uncomfortable due to the heat. You need to look for alternatives to keep them happy. You may want to rent an enclosed tent with an air conditioner so that guests can go inside when it gets too hot. You can also put up fabric runners to create shade. Keeping the guests cool during summer might be difficult but if you want them to make the most of an event, you need to provide shade.

These 7 tips will help you in planning an outdoor event. You need to start by thinking about all the things you want to achieve with the event. If you are well prepared and have a backup plan, you will find success even when the venue is challenging. Do not leave anything for the last moment and be well prepared if something goes wrong.

Image Credits: Andrew Knechel

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