7 Tips to Help Kids Have Daily Devotions

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Nurturing your child towards the existence of God is one thing, and providing daily devotions to help them make their way to God’s path is another thing. As parents, we may teach our kids to behave in a certain way when visiting churches (or worship areas) but making them habitual to read bible needs work.

Here in this article, you can find 7 pro-tips to engage your kind towards daily devotions.

1. Be Old-School

Smartphones are a good source to engage today’s kids in certain activities. However, there is nothing like traditional ways of attracting kids towards daily devotions. Bible papers give a whole different vibe of positivity.

Teaching kids how to navigate bibles pages develops interest and cuts off distractions which can be found on smart devices like tablets. Although, if its kids worship songs that you are preferring then, it can work out for your kids.

2. Bible Selection

Don’t enforce any bible on kids. Seek out an age-appropriate bible. Let them make select their bible. Simply pay a visit to your nearest bible shop with your kids and let them decide. It engages the child towards the holy book.

3. Make A Comfortable Environment

Kids are more engaged in a consistent manner for certain activities. Try to make an enjoyable environment for your kids like something they would look forward to.

Allow your kids to churn their favourite snacks during devotions. You may also create a special area for them to read and pray which is made according to their preferences.

4. Let Them Schedule

Kids are practised to work on their schedule. They like working on time-table which is effective in many ways for both, kids and parents. Let them add their daily devotions in the routine schedule. They will make a separate time for devotions.

5. Be The Role-Model

Model behaviour that shows your time with God. Don’t just ask them to do so when they can’t see their parents’ engaged in such activities. No matter how structured your teaching is, they will always be more inspired when witnessing their parents making time for God.

6. Stay One-Step Ahead

Appreciate the questions asked by kids. It helps them understand the chapters. However, to do so, you need to stay ahead of them. Try to be two chapters ahead of your kids to be aware of the upcoming questions from their side.

7. Pray Together

Make a habit of having one special day of the week when the whole family stands together for prayers.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfil the law of Christ.” – Galatlans 6:2

A family standing together and spending time for God pleases the Lord and indulge kids to look forward to these days.

Final Verdict

These tips can be helpful to engage your kids for daily devotions. Parents need to make an effort for their children of any age to lean them towards the act of Gods and share good deeds for a better life.

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