7 Tips to Revamp Your Style This Spring

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From blooming flowers to warm sunshine, spring brings along some of mother nature’s best features to the forefront. With its fresh breezes and pleasant warmth, it also gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors to the best of your ability.

In fact, the change in weather is so inspirational that it often encourages a complete wardrobe overhaul. Whether you are tired of your old fashion choices or enthralled to try out new style pieces, this step can bring an abundance of excitement to the table for you.

To help you get the most out of this practice, here are 7 tips to revamp your style this spring.

1. Don’t Shy Away from Bolder Pieces

Since spring provides you with warm and pleasant weather, it also gives you the chance to bare some skin. By pairing bike shorts with short dresses and tank tops with mini skirts, you can fully benefit from the ideal weather while absorbing some sunlight along the way. Just make sure to put on some sunscreen before you decide to step into the bright rays during the morning.

2. Wear Trendy Eyewear

Woman wearing a Miami Vice inspired outfit

No matter the season, eyewear never goes out of style. This also holds true for spring, where you can enjoy a variety of options that range from aviator glasses to clear sunglasses. By choosing designs that appeal to your aesthetic, you can make every downtown walk into your personal runway. These eyewear options also make it possible for you to upgrade your existing reading glasses to more luxurious options.

3. Flaunt Those Layers

When the weather is warm enough to bare your shoulders but not cold enough to make you shiver, it’s time to wear layers for fashion and not necessity. That’s where you can try pieces such as an afternoon jacket or a floral dress coat to elevate your outfits. This works equally well for morning and evening occasions alike, and lets you redefine your existing outfits with the utmost ease.

4. Go Bright With Racetrack Fashion

Spring is also associated with extravagant racetrack fashion that comprises lovely fabrics and a sharp style. From large hats to expensive dresses, these pieces strike the perfect balance between drama and sophistication. If you want to impact a crowd, looking into racetrack style might be the ideal way to go. With that being said, make it a point to procure these pieces from reliable retailers for the right look.

5. Adopt Primary Colors

Spring and florals is a flawlessly classic combination highly sought after by fashion magazines, A-list celebrities, and style icons alike. But it may also seem overused at times. That’s where you can adopt the power of solid colors and use floral patterns only sparingly to make a statement. For instance, when paired with a floral handbag or shoes, a plain red dress or a yellow jumpsuit can work wonders for all types of occasions.

6. Look Striking in Stunning Footwear

When you are wearing short dresses or bike shorts, you have all the opportunity to flaunt stunning footwear. From bold stilettos to comfy wedges, you can look into different types of shoes that project your mood for a specific day. With an abundance of colors, patterns, and styles, this lets you make a statement that’s as captivating as the weather itself. The best part? Shopping for affordable shoes doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

7. Exude Magnificence Through a Hat

No matter the type of outfit you wear, the use of hats as a fashion accessory never fails to deliver. Besides bringing a score of styling points to the table, it also helps you stand apart in a crowd for all the right reasons. Whether you plan to turn heads or look comfortable in your skin, donning a hat is the way to go.

By looking into these tips, you can make the most out of spring style while also revamping your wardrobe. This helps you establish a distinct image and also boosts your confidence throughout the pleasant season.

Image Credits: Amanda Frank, Robert McGowan

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