9 Decor Tips To Give Your Home an Elegant, Classy Look

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Your home can be many things: relaxing, warm, fun, full of life. All of these things come down to you as an individual and can be achieved by giving a piece of yourself over to your humble abode. Some home characteristics, however, are harder to achieve and require a greater effort. An example of this is that classy, elegant look that many of us wish our home had. How do you go about having this quite of home, if you don’t know where to begin? Below, we take a look at nine ways you can upscale your house. And the best news? None of them will take too much time, so you’ll be living like royalty in no time at all.

Bring the Light

It doesn’t matter how big your home actually is: you can always make it look bigger. Elegant rooms often look big, and they’re full of air and light. Make the most of your home by playing around with the light; it might only require a couple of light fixtures to transform a room. You should also add mirrors onto the walls, as they will make the room even brighter and make it look more spacious, too. Plantation shutters can add a modern, practical twist, allowing plenty of light whilst providing some privacy.

Buy Artwork

Artwork and sculpture, like Herend Figurines, are vastly underrated aspects of home decoration. It doesn’t have to be a Picasso or Monet; any good work of art – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth – can add a slice of grandeur to a home. Just be sure to mix it up every now and again by moving it from time to time. A piece of artwork can easily fade into the background if it’s in the same place for too long. Hang it somewhere prominent, such as over the fireplace or as you walk into the home. Sculptures can look great on your mantlepiece or well-placed bookcase.

Invest in the Best

For some aspects of the home, there is no substitute. While you don’t need to buy the best for absolutely every part of your home, you should be ensuring that certain key rooms have high-quality fixtures, decorations, and furniture, because it’s in these spaces that the home’s quality really comes to life. You won’t be paying too much attention to the classiness of your study, for example, but you’ll feel the effect of Italian designer bedroom furniture in your sleeping area. Another room that’s worthy of extra attention is the living room. Here, consider adding drapes, elegant light fixtures, and a few well-chosen pillows.

Have a Theme For Each Room

There’s an element of elegance that should appear natural, even if it’s actually the result of plenty of planning. An example of this is the “theme” of your rooms, and then the wider “theme” of your home. There are many ways you can do this, but a classy way you can do it is to have a common theme running throughout the house. For example, if you have small sculptures from your travels across the world placed across the home, then the rooms will be “talking” to each other. Your rooms can have distinct tones, but try to have them connect to one another in some way.

Simple Hacks

If you don’t have the budget to overhaul your house completely, then you can always just add a few simple hacks to add a touch of class to proceedings. It sounds silly, but even changing the handles on your cupboards and doors can make a big difference. There’s nothing quite like opening a draw that has crystal handles (even if the crystal isn’t real…)! If you have old furniture that has seen better days, consider restoring it. It’s easier than you think if you’re willing to get your hands dirty from the paint.

A Bar Area

Is there anything more elegant than sitting in a homemade bar area, perhaps in a single seat chair, as soothing jazz tunes fill the air? If there is, we don’t know what it could be. If you have a spare room, you’ll probably have thought about creating a guest room or turning it into a study. But if you don’t necessarily need either of those things, then why not dedicate the room as a sophisticated lounge area? Create a bar, fill it up with all the essentials, throw some books on the wall, and you’ll have one of the classiest hangout spots in the neighborhood.

Afternoon tea

Bring in the Outdoors

Elegance is about having the best that human minds can deliver. It’s about the fusion between classy fixtures and the outdoors. Wherever possible, try to bring the outdoors inside. You can do this by having french doors that open up into your garden space, buying fresh flowers, or – best of all – filling the home with plants. As well as the aesthetic qualities of plants, they’ll also help create a calmer tone in your house by controlling the air and increasing humidity.

On a Budget

There are plenty of awesome decorative pieces you can include in your home that you’ll be able to pick up for a bargain. Things like vintage posters, old bird cages and candlestick holders, and the other kinds of odd items you can pick up at second-hand markets will all make your home stand out from the crowd. There’s something inherently classy about old pieces, so if you have plenty of them in your home, you’ll be well on your way to having an elegant abode. They’re cheaper than buying new things and look better; it’s a no-brainer.

Don’t Play It Safe

There’s one school of thought that says that a classy home should be humble, reserved, not out to offend, but this is not the case. Part of having an elegant home is inviting curiosity, having a boldness that makes it instantly appealing to visitors. So don’t be afraid to throw in a few surprises along the way and cause something of a stir.

Final Thoughts

Many home decor movements come and go, but elegance is one for all time. Give your home a classy makeover, and it’ll look as good in forty years as it does today.

Image Credits: Jill Wellington, Pexels

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