Acme Made 13″ Skinny Sleeve for MacBook Air Review

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Finding a sleeve for your MacBook can be quite difficult, especially one which is convenient, protective and actually integrates well with your lifestyle. The Acme Made MacBook Air 13” Skinny Sleeve is a very tough yet lightweight sleeve, which would not look out of place in a professional environment, or even in your local coffee shop.

The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve exudes quality from the moment you see it, this high quality is further emphasized just from touching the exterior of it, even the interior has a high-end quality to it. I immediately thought of the cutting mats I use whilst handling it, the exterior won’t be getting damaged easily. The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve is made from a similar material that wetsuits are made from; neoprene. The difference with this neoprene is that it is StretchShell neoprene that is stretchable, protective and also wipes clean.

The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve is very simply packaged with a cardboard sleeve which simply slides off of the product with no tearing, no removing a tab from a slot, it simply slides off like the lid of an Apple product.

The printed Acme Made logo in white at the opening end of the sleeve is very minimalist and professional, this also serves as a nice indicator for which side to move the elastic band from if you’re in a low light level environment such as setting up your gear in a venue.

It is extremely easy and convenient to use, if you want to quickly get your MacBook Air out to demonstrate something then you just pull back the elastic and slip the MacBook Air out of the case, no messing with zips and Velcro straps and bag handles! Velcro tends to be a lint magnet and look slightly unprofessional, and of course the added bonus is no making an unpleasant noise mid-meeting if you wanted to discreetly get your MacBook Air out.

The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve is held together with black overlocked stitching on three of the four edges and this is reinforced with red stitching that is very aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching and is highly complementary to the jet black face of the neoprene.

The sewn-in protective inserts don’t add any extra bulk to the sleeve whilst giving you that added protection by making the sleeve feel a whole lot sturdier and hard-wearing. A lot of people complain that most sleeves add too much bulk to their sleek MacBook Air, and I would agree, but the Acme Made Skinny Sleeve is very thin and barely adds any bulk to your MacBook Air. The interior of the Acme Made Skinny Sleeve is extremely soft despite the protective inserts and won’t be adding any scratches to your MacBook Air.

Corner of the Acme Made 13" Skinny Sleeve for MacBook Air

The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve doesn’t use a zipper to hold your MacBook Air in place unlike the majority of products on the market meant to fulfil the role of protecting your MacBook; instead the Skinny Sleeve uses an elasticated band to hold the MacBook Air securely in the sleeve. This is a thick fabric elastic band unlike anything you’ve seen on a garment or bag anywhere else. My main complaint with other similar products was how often I had seen people gnarl the edge of their MacBook with a zipper on a tight bag or sleeve, that wasn’t something I wanted to see happen to my new maxed out MacBook Air so the Acme Made Skinny Sleeve seemed like the obvious choice to me.

Corner of the Purple Acme Made 13" Skinny Sleeve for MacBook Air

The Acme Made MacBook Air 13” Skinny Sleeve is so good that when Helen saw mine she got one of her own, and is really impressed with the overall quality of it as well as the choice of four colours. If you don’t own a MacBook Air, then don’t panic as Acme Made also make a sleeve for the MacBook Pro. The Skinny Sleeve isn’t the cheapest sleeve available by any stretch of the imagination, but at £40 this is great value for a sleeve that is built to last and has so many advantages on sleeves that cost twice as much. You can get one of your own from the Acme Made website or from your local Apple Store.

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