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More and more people use their smartphones to find a shop, a restaurant or activities that interest them. Having an app and an optimized website is crucial for every business: but not everyone has the resources, time and expertise to create one.

This “demand for mobile” has become a major business opportunity for all marketers who want to seize it thanks to, the online system to create and sell mobile sites and apps. We met with Silvio Porcellana, CEO & founder of, to find out more about this.

How did the adventure of begin?

By observing the market and people’s behavior. Mobile has now become an integral part of our daily lives, however 39% of businesses still do not have a mobile-optimized website: this is a staggeringly high figure. While on one hand, companies now have a great new opportunity for visibility, on the other they have not taken advantage of this, or only to a certain extent, because they do not know where to start or who to turn to. Out of this came the idea in 2011 to create an online service that allows people who work in the marketing sector, on their own or in smaller companies, to create apps and mobile sites to sell to companies, offering a specific advice and a practical solution. And this idea has worked: since we started up to this day, the number of professionals who do business with is growing.

Who can do business with your system?

Everyone working in marketing and digital marketing and who are looking to boost their business by offering an additional service to their customers, whether they be the current or future ones. The interesting thing is that there is no need to have special skills in design or web programming: offers a great variety of ready-to-use graphics, structures, menus and buttons, to create a complete website or an app with all functions. We thought about this system so that it is as simple and intuitive to use, so that marketers who use it can do everything by themselves, without requiring the help of other professionals.

This offers a tremendous advantage in economic terms, because all profit made from the sale of the mobile site goes to the person who created and sold it to their client.

How much can you earn by reselling apps and mobile sites?

It depends on your ambitions and goals. Most of our customers earn over $ 1,500 for the resale of apps made with, but the figure varies depending on the price that you choose to offer to your customers, for the creation of the site and its maintenance over time. Profit margins are high because, as I said before, a single person can handle everything.

Who is your ideal target?

People who are enthusiastic about their work and who want to explore new market opportunities. Our preferred partners are professionals in web, social and digital marketing, who work from home or handle flexibly their working time, but also start-ups and small businesses. Marketers who want to enhance the portfolio of clients to boost their business and are in need of quick and efficient tools. Broadly speaking, all those professionals who want a new opportunity to earn online, in a smart, innovative and safe way.

Why are marketers the key figure in the resale of mobile sites?

Because they know how to stimulate customer awareness. Many businesses are not yet available online. Many others have a site, which is not mobile-optimized and therefore increasingly useless, but they are not aware of this. Others are, and they want to update their communication tools online, but they do not know where to turn to. In all three cases, the figure of the marketer becomes crucial: unlike a web designer or a programmer, who is more specialized in the technique and creation of sites, marketers have the experience and the right marketing know-how that serve to raise awareness and convince the customer and also, thanks to, which is the operational tool to implement their needs in an easy and fast way.

By the way, how long does it take to create a website or an app with

In just a few minutes, you get a complete and working website or app. We know that those who work in marketing has little time available, between phone calls, travels and meetings with various customers and that’s why is specifically tailored to their needs, because it offers an intuitive and immediate system to learn and use. Anyone who uses the most common features of the web for their work can use our platform with no problems. When in doubt or for special requests, there is also a customer service which you can contact at any time.

Describe a typical day of a partner of

Every morning our partners wake up and they know they will have to run… but with them there’s!

Puns aside, we like to think that these people, wherever they are in the world, begin their day with excitement, with the belief that there is a world out there to be conquered.

From their PC or smartphone, they begin their work by checking their control panel on, to view the site status and to check the billing.

Then they interact with their customers, in person or remotely, to assess their needs and decide on the next activities: creating a new site, to think together with the client about the new contents, pictures or functions that should be added to make an app even more effective, to suggest the creation of a mobile coupon for seasonal promotion. Thereafter, thanks to platform, all of this turns into reality in just a few minutes, and they will still have a lot of time to devote to the search for new customers… or why not, add it up to their spare time.

Beyond this example, it is difficult to describe a typical day with, because everyone manages their work in a totally flexible way, adapting it to their lifestyle, time constraints and schedules. There are people who devote themselves in doing business with for few hours a week, and others several hours a day. It depends on how much effort you decide to invest and how much you want to earn.

Can non-partners try your services?

Of course, we offer a free trial for all our services, during which you can create an unlimited number of sites that are already working and ready to be shown to your customers, so that you do not have to spend any money until work is confirmed. After the 30 days trial period, you can choose to purchase one of our packages: there are several options, depending on the number of sites and apps that you want to resell. Prices are very competitive thanks to the optimization of our internal resources and the efficiency of our team, which allow us to offer advanced solutions at a reasonable cost. It is no coincidence that 78% of people who use the trial version become our partners.

We are proud to offer such low fees: we are a business and our main purpose is certainly to do business, but we believe in the mobile revolution and we want as many people as possible to earn from this opportunity.

You define as a system rather than a tool: why this choice?

Because if it is true that we offer a technical solution, that is a platform for the creation of a mobile site, then the added value of lies in the fact that we guarantee our partners a continuing education: from tutorials on new features to be implemented on the sites they created, to tips on how to handle the resale to their customers, with white label marketing materials which help to explain to customers the opportunity of mobile and finding the right levers to convince them to create optimized sites and apps.

What is the secret to’s success?

The accessibility for anyone looking for a business opportunity. People are not the ones who have to adapt to the system, but we are the ones to build the system around people. We try to put ourselves in the shoes of those who use our services and we look at their actual needs. We think about tools that may be more useful to our partners, we design interfaces tailored to their needs, we offer tutorials and resources that make business simple day after day.

Calling your customers “partners” is a nice concept … how does this work? is an online system, so there is no direct contact with the people who choose our services. Yet we seem to know them, we are constantly listening to their demands and needs, not only through customer service, but also thanks to the feedback we receive. From here, we work every day to improve more and more. We see the relationship between us and those who choose as a common path, with a continuous and constructive exchange: we always offer new resources to help our partners create and resell sites, while our partners always give us new ideas to evolve. Our company is getting bigger thanks to people who continue to choose

Why should a person interested in doing business choose your system?

Among the many ways of doing business online, is the right choice if you are looking for a consistent basic investment that allows you to start earning right away, without having to devote time to learn a new business activity. Or if you want to do an innovative business: compared with other business ideas, the creation and reselling of mobile sites is a field still largely unexplored, where demand is growing and there is still relatively little competition in the supply side. There are also marketing materials, which guarantee a constant support: a site can be created in a few minutes, but our update training program is forever.

Finally, a message for your future partners?

Do not wait for tomorrow to boost your business if you have the opportunity to do it now. Be curious about the new possibilities offered by the market and be confident in your ability to learn and evolve. Do not just stop at what customers have asked you so far. Take a step forward today: when they need something new, you’ll be the first to offer them a solution.

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