Everyone Has To Start Somewhere With Fitness!

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Fitness is often talked about as a journey, and we completely understand why people would feel this way about it. It is one long road to success, but success is definitely going to come your way if you start now! It’s all about having that eureka moment when something just clicks in your head, and you suddenly want to better yourself and your body. Some of you are probably desperately seeking out this moment, just hoping it comes your way some time soon. The last thing on your mind might be doing something physical that isn’t going downstairs to get another chocolate bar and a bag of crisps, before retreating back upstairs to watch films all night. When life is this sweet, why would you want to change? Well, you’ll eventually become bored with the way you are. You’ll see all of these people on social media, and you’ll get a little thought in your mind that you wish that was you. You might have friends around you who are becoming fitness fanatics, and encouraging you to do so. Then all of the sudden, your moment will come, and you’ll leap into action. But everyone does have to start somewhere with fitness, and we want to ensure you start in the right place, so that you can have the most successful fitness journey.

The Start of The Road

So, it’s the start of the road that people suffer with the most. You might have had your motivation come to you from somewhere, but actually putting your thoughts into action is where we think it gets so tough. So, the start of the road is going to have to be a simple one. You need to focus on slowly introducing yourself to a new diet, don’t just go all salad and granola on us. There are plenty of low calorie, low fat meals that taste so great, but don’t look like they should be suitable for a rabbit. All you have to do is literally Google the part we’ve highlighted in bold, and see how many amazing meals come up. The same can be said for lunch, you could have a tasty omelette, poached eggs on toast with mushrooms, a jacket potato with beans and a handful of cheese. It really doesn’t have to be a terrible diet. For breakfast, one of the yummiest ways to start the day we believe, is with overnight oats. We’ve seen them all over social media, and they are most definitely delish! Once you’ve got the diet sussed, introduce light exercise such as walking, and start the gym with a friend to keep you motivated. Build yourself up and up, until eventually you’re experimenting with weight workouts!

The Bumps in The Road

There’s going to be bumps in the road, and if someone tells you different, well they’re telling you wrong. You will have those days where you want to just do nothing, eat rubbish, and stay in bed. So, our top tip is to do just that. Have a relaxation night where you enjoy something a little unhealthy, a doughnut, a pizza, whatever tickles your fancy. As long as it’s a cheat meal and not a cheat day, it’s completely fine! It then makes it so much easier to bounce back the next day. Always keep your goal in mind, and you should always stay motivated.

The New Beginnings in The Road

Once you start getting good at what you’re doing and you like the changes you’re seeing, it will actually become a little bit of an addiction. You’ll get so into fitness, and there are so many routes you can take. Our favourite is personal training, and once you’ve got the fitness bug it’s actually so easy to get into! You’ll realise the importance of goal setting to get where you want to get, and you’ll be able to take your passion and help others develop their own. People will be starting where you’re starting today, but with your guidance, they’ll end up where you’re going to end up a year or two down the line! Plus, a PT can get paid a nice amount of money!

The Outcome of This Big Journey

The outcome of this journey is going to be a completely different life for you. You won’t have to suffer through a life where you’re not really bettering yourself, and not really having any experiences. You’ll have such an energy for life that will be hard to contain, and you’ll find yourself out and about the more time goes on!

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