Fashion Flashback: The Most Influential Fashion Trends of the Decade

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The past decade in fashion has produced some really interesting fashion trends; let’s dive deep into the wardrobe of time and uncover the trends that truly made a mark. Whether you’re looking to revamp your closet or just relive some of the decade’s sartorial glory, this trip down the fashion runway is for you!

The ’90s Resurgence

It came as a surprise to some, but the ‘90s made a major comeback, and the rest is history. The decade we once chuckled at became our biggest muse. Those vintage crop tops, baggy jeans, and iconic platform sneakers were everywhere. Remember those iconic slip dresses? When paired with combat boots or layered over a classic white tee, they created an effortless fusion of grunge and glam. Chokers? Oh, they weren’t just a necklace; they were an attitude!

Sustainable And Slow Fashion

The fashion world finally took a long, hard look in the mirror. From biodegradable fabrics to eco-friendly dyeing techniques, sustainability has become the industry’s favourite buzzword. Brands like Stella McCartney and Patagonia led the charge, showcasing that green could also be glam. The appeal here is that fashion is essentially an extension of our lifestyles, and with more people pursuing sustainable lifestyles, these trends made their mark on the industry over the past decade.

Streetwear’s Metamorphosis

No longer relegated to skate parks, streetwear found its way into high-fashion houses. Massive luxury brands took the market by storm and made streetwear the new glam. Oversized graphic tees, hoodies, and the omnipresent sneaker culture dominated the scene. The line between luxury and street fashion became increasingly blurry, and we were here for it!


In a world screaming for attention, minimalism taught us the power of whispers. It was more than just monochrome palettes; it was about decluttering life and wardrobe. Brands like COS and about:blank champion the trend with basics that were anything but basic. Minimalism is all about less is more.

Cottagecore Dreams

This trend was escapism at its best. As tech took over our lives, many yearned for simpler times. Cottagecore is all about its flowy linen dresses, intricate lace detailing, and a general aura of dreamy countryside romance. Even if you lived in a bustling city, donning a puff-sleeved blouse could transport you to a serene meadow. This trend still maintains momentum to this day and is truly special.

Monochromatic Magic

More than just an Instagram trend, dressing in one shade is an art. It is about playing with textures and tones: a sand-coloured wool sweater paired with beige tailored pants and caramel ankle boots. The result? A chic, cohesive look that beams confidence. While tricky to pull off, monochrome is alive and thriving still.

Wild For Animal Prints

While animal prints aren’t new, this decade saw them reborn in unexpected avatars. Snakeskin boots, zebra-striped satin skirts, or leopard print coats; it was wild but in a polished, sophisticated way. Paired with neutrals, the look was fiercely elegant.

Gender Fluid Fashion

Fashion became a platform for social change. Away from strict boundaries, we saw the rise of unisex collections and androgynous designs. It wasn’t about men’s or women’s wear; it was about human wear. Brands like Telfar and Thom Browne illustrated that style is personal, not gendered.

The past decade was a cocktail of vintage callbacks, earthy undertones, and unapologetic self-expression. There is a lot to learn from the past decade in the way we think of fashion and style in general. The past certainly does shape the future in many ways. Which past fashion trends do you think will make a comeback, and what will the main fashion trends of the next decade be?

Image Credits: Orhan Pergel

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