Food, Technology & More: Key Features That Make for an Amazing Sports Bar

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Many factors come together to make a great bar. When choosing a sports bar for your next sporting event or social gathering, make sure it ticks all the boxes before you go. All first-class sports bars have great finger food, an array of alcoholic beverages, and modern technology. Most people visit sports bars to socialise and meet for big sporting events.

These key features are all present in the top-rated sports bars in Australia.

Modern Tech

No sports bar is going to be successful unless it offers top of the line technology. Fans want to be able to watch all kinds of sporting events on big-screen TVs all over the premises. The Sports Bar Gymea has modern entertainment systems which are perfect for watching all kinds of major sporting events. Surround sound builds an atmosphere, and each event is streamed to high-quality screens that display sports events from around the world.

You can watch all the major sports events live and exclusive, making it a great place to catch all the best games, such as the:

  • AFL
  • World Cup Football
  • International Rugby
  • The Olympics

The goal of any good sports bar should be to have every punter who walks through the door fantasize about having your AV system in their home. There should be multiple screens and a huge main screen for big sporting events.

Having all the latest tech can be a point of enormous differentiation. If customers see that an establishment has gone that extra mile, it will be easier to retain and attract new customers.

Pub Grub

Just because you are in a sports bar does not mean you should settle for anything less than good quality food. All goods sports bars know their clients get hungry while watching the big game and that is why they offer tasty pub grub to satisfy their needs. Leading sports bars around the country focus on serving delicious bar food all day for patrons who want to fill their belly’s. We all know that finger food is great for all kinds of events, especially when it comes with a side of ice-cold beer.

Line of Sight

Decent sports bars are often let down by their line of sight. You walk into a sports bar and think you have found a great place. The atmosphere is good, the seats look comfortable, and the food smells great. Then you realise they have put little effort into the TV’s line of sight. There are plenty of screens, but you can only see them from certain locations.

The owner of all the best sports bars goes around their premises and experiences it from the point of view of the punter. Can they see the screens? Is there anything they can do to change the layout? Sometimes screens need to be moved or new TVs need to be added.

Other Fun Things Besides the TV

Most of us enjoy a beer while watching the game and to help manage our alcohol intake, it is important to follow safe drinking guidelines which have been set by medical professionals. When you get tired of watching sports on TV or the big game has finished, a good sports bar will have more just TV screens.

There will not be an important game every day and some people are not interested in watching sports, so there should be other things to do. You will find that most first-class sports bars have some or all of the following:

  • Pool Tables
  • Arcade Games
  • Slot Machines
  • Darts

Patrons need some variety as everyone is not interested in watching a TV all day.

Interesting Bar Staff

A lot of people go to sports bars to enjoy some sort of sports event and usually like to have a chat with the staff. Having friendly and interesting staff in a sports bar is always a good thing, especially when they a lot of knowledge of different sports.

There you have it, some of the main things that make a sports bar both great and successful. Finding an amazing sports bar is not as easy as you would think, but when you find it, you will never look beyond that venue as it offers all you need. A sports bar that can provide all of the above and more is always going to attract and retain clients.

Image Credits: Josh Olalde

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