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Your home is sacred. It’s the sanctuary where you and your family live together, cry together, and laugh together, and for your children, the state of your home can influence how well they grow up.

For example, a dusty house with moldy ceilings can have adverse effects on a child’s respiratory system, weakening their lungs and possibly resulting in asthma and allergies. Even if they have a strong constitution, a messy home can still induce bad behavior in them.

Therefore, consider cleaning up your house and keeping everything inside and outside it orderly. If you want to make some improvements, here are a few suggestions that your kids will love.

Basement Toilet

If your kids have taken over the basement and made it their play cave ala Mike Wheeler from Netflix’s Stranger Things, then consider adding a toilet to your basement.

An accessible potty place means that can keep their healthy by not holding their bladder and bowels. God knows children love to focus on their play and forget everything else—even peeing.

With a basement toilet, your kids can keep playing or can easily get back to their games after taking a much needed dump. Just don’t forget to clean it every week or so to keep your basement sanitary.

Backyard Playground

Rather having them cooped up in the house all day, let your kids play outside under the sun. Mr. Sun’s vitamin D is important for their growth and development, not to mention for keeping them healthy.

If you live far from a park which might be risky for your child especially if they’re still too young to handle themselves, you can make a backyard playground on your own! A sandbox, a treehouse, or even a complete jungle gym—all you typically need are the raw materials (i.e., lumber, rope, etc.), a few tools, and a bit of architectural planning.

You may want to leave some room for further improvements in case you want to add something new.

Fun Decorations

If improvements that require a handyman’s skill are a bit beyond you, you can start with something small. Painting your walls with fun designs, for instance, can be a good alternative, and you can even have your kids help too. They can draw stuff that they like, adding sentimentality to your walls.

Wall painting isn’t the only way you can beautify your house. As long as you have the right art materials, you can redecorate anything you want. Got an old chair? Refresh it with a new paint job. Think your windows are a bit bland? Add stickers to them. Unleash your creativity!


Maybe your kids have a green thumb and love playing in the dirt. Then you may want to plant a garden outside your home.

It’s a good way of teaching your kids how to care and cultivate plants as well as how nature works. They’ll also learn about responsibility from that activity.

It’s not just for your kids too; you can also benefit from a having a garden around your house. Gardening is a relaxing hobby that can relieve your stress. Plus, if you grow fruits and vegetables, you can cook them, thereby reducing your expenses on groceries.

Remember to Keep Your Home Tidy

As the saying goes, “Bricks and mortar make a house, but the laughter of children makes a home.”

If you find that coughs and sneezes interrupt your kids’ glee, then take that as a sign that you need to clean up your house and make some improvements in it. Let your children grow in peace without any clutter in their upbringing.

Image Credits: Unsplash

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