How to Make Your House a Pleasant Place to Live

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Minimalism and monochromatic themes are in right now, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly think that sounds all that cosy. I prefer comfort over style, and I would want my home to be filled with all the things that make me happy so it’s a pleasant place to live. If you want your house to feel more like a home, then here are a few ideas to get you started:

Add Some Personal Touches

Make your home more personal. Put picture frames up on the wall of each room and fill them with photographs of your family and friends. Get a few magnets and put your children’s artwork up on the fridge. If you have a relative who’s an artist, then put up their paintings in your living room. Get out all the things that are sentimental to you, even if it’s just a big seashell you picked up on a trip to the beach with your family—it would look great on the mantelpiece and be a great conversation starter when you have guests over. When you’re surrounded by the things you love, you house will instantly start to feel more like a home and you start to feel like it is a pleasant place to live.

Create a Private Space

If you live with others, then you should create a private space in your home where you can go to have some quiet time. You can use that space to read, do your favourite hobby, or to work from home. If your home is somewhat small, you could convert your spare room into a workspace or ask your family to stay out of the dining room for an hour or two every now and again. Click here more some more ideas on making space for your work.

Keep Things Clean and Tidy

If you want your home to be a more pleasant place to live, then keep it clean and tidy. Do your laundry each week to stop the pile of smelly clothes from accumulating in the corner (so you’ll never have to worry about having nothing to wear). You should also vacuum, dust and clean your home regularly to keep the dust bunnies at bay. You should also make sure you do the dishes daily. And when your move something, put it back! This all sounds like common sense, right? Well, I think we all skip some of these things every now and again. Once your house is clean and tidy, you’ll be surprised about how much cosier it will feel.

Create Memories

A house isn’t a home until you’ve created a few memories in it. Designate an evening each week for family time, where you can watch movies and play games together. You can also invite family and friends over for a barbeque or a potluck dinner, or offer to host Christmas dinner. Put up decorations during the holidays or start a new tradition. You should also meet the neighbours and take part in local events. In years to come, you’ll remember all the fun times you had in this house and in the neighbourhood.

Add a Bit of Luxury

If you’re sick of looking at the same old things, then add a touch of luxury to your house. If you have a bigger budget, you can make some bigger changes, such as swapping out kitchen cupboards, reupholstering furniture and remodelling your bathroom. Even if you can’t afford to make major changes because you’re working part-time or are taking time off work due to an illness or injury, you could still be covered by disability insurance which will help you to pay your household expenses and utility bills. For more information on disability insurance, click here.

You don’t have to go all out and start buying designer homeware. Just make a few small changes at first. Ditch the polyester bedding and go for some soft Egyptian cotton sheets. Instead of using standard-sized bath towels, go for bigger bath sheets. Swap out your block-coloured couch cushions for something with a brighter pattern and buy some fresh flowers each week. If you want luxury but don’t want to pay exorbitant prices, you can always peruse thrift stores and antique shops. You’ll be sure to find an expensive looking lamp or a piece of furniture for budget prices. Look online at what others are doing to learn more about the ways you can add luxury to your home.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to create a more pleasant living environment within your house. It may take a while to adjust to the changes you make, but you’re sure to be happier in your home in the long run.

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