How to Take Your Conservatory to the 21st Century

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If you love looking at your garden, even during the winter and the hot summer months, you might have invested in a conservatory ages ago. The elements might have taken their toll on the inside and outside of the building, and you will need to keep your room functional, healthy, and appealing. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started with renovating your conservatory.


One of the challenges you will face when you have a conservatory is that it is either too cold or too hot. Before you install a radiator, you will need to look for the cold patches on the brickwork and ensure that your glazing is functioning as well as it can. If there are gaps between the bricks and the windows, you might want to talk to a professional. Likewise, if you only have a single brick wall, you will need to install an insulation sheet to make your home lose less heat.

Make It Easy to Clean

You might think that a warm carpet or a laminate floor is good for the conservatory, but it can get damp and cold, and these materials will get damaged. Instead, invest in some stunning floor tiles that last longer and will make it easier for you to clean up the small space. If you would still like to add soft furnishing, you can add an area rug that will be removed when you don’t use the room.


It is also important that you are not getting too  much heat and sun directly in your conservatory during the summer, and for this you will need to get some advanced shading solutions installed. Vertical blinds or Venetian blinds will help you keep the sun out when you want, but if you have a glass roof, you will need additional shading, too.

Modern Heating

Unless you have a huge orangery or a full size conservatory, you will have limited space in the room. This means that you have to make the most out of what you have available and avoid making the room look crowded. You can use a virtual room planner to imagine how your functional furniture will look. Instead of large radiators and fireplaces, you can opt for smaller designs. Check out the latest economic Panel Heaters that will save you space and allow you to heat up your conservatory fast.

Advanced Ventilation

Edwardian uPVC conservatory

If there is one thing most conservatory owners struggle with, it is the ventilation. It can get too dry, stuffy, or too damp, depending on the weather. Of course, you don’t want to leave the doors open, as this will invite different unwanted visitors from the garden. Having an extractor fan or windows that open only an inch or two will help you keep insects and rodents out while letting fresh air in.

Having an old conservatory presents homeowners with different challenges. Use the above methods to take your room to the 21st century.

Image Credits: Purple Wyrm, Literatirus

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