Interview: Chrisselle Mowatt- Don’t Lose Your Grip

During the weekend we got the chance to have a chat with Chrisselle Mowatt about her new campaign; Don’t Lose Your Grip, carry on reading to find out more on this new approach to fashion!
Previous: Hey there, Chrisselle! I hear you’re the brains behind the new campaign ‘Don’t Lose Your Grip’ can you tell me more about how this came about? in other words your inspiration.
Chrisselle Mowatt: Hey there! I’m guilty as charged. Don’t Lose Your Grip has many inspirations, there’s a few aspects that put the thought into my head; there are people like Beth Ditto and Adele who don’t let ‘media normal’ get in the way of being successful, there’s music like P!nk’s ‘Fuckin’ Perfect‘ and mainly, there’s the plain fact that thousands of kids are growing up in a world with less and less positive role models being seen in the media. The thing that inspired me most for Don’t Lose Your Grip though was the death of a close friend, Lacey Crawford, who took her own life in November last year; The whole project is dedicated to her.

What are the aims of your campaign?
CM: The aims of the campaign are to promote a healthy body image. I’m tired of people either being told that they’re too big or too thin. It has to stop; Since when did your body control the person that you were? At the end of the day we’re loved and remembered for the people we are, the things that we do and the people we love, not for the size of our waistline or any other physical feature.
P: How do you plan on achieving the aims of your campaign?
CM: Well, the plan is to hold a Summer concert and fashion show in a bid to show people that anyone can model or be on stage, and that you don’t have to look a certain way to do so. All the money that we raise will be going to suicide helplines as well as eating disorder charities. Hopefully, together, we can save some souls.
P: So what do you mean by ‘fashion’? Are you going to design the clothes yourself?
CM: I am indeed. Each piece on each model will be completely different and tailor-made to that particular person. The pieces may be on sale after the event; Or the models may be allowed to keep them as a sort of ‘thank you’ gift. I’ve not quite decided yet. I’m also hoping to get my mother involved in the development side of things; She’s a genius with a sewing machine.
P: Thank you for chatting with us! I wish you all the best with your campaign. Let us know how it goes later on in the year!
CM: No problem! Thank you for taking the time to chat to me, any attention we can bring to this cause is good attention!
Be sure to check out the official Don’t Lose Your Grip site at;
Follow and support the campaign on Twitter @dontloseurgrip You can also ‘like’ Don’t Lose Your Grip on Facebook.
You can also contact me, Chrisselle Mowatt, at the following links; Facebook, Twitter & Chrisselle.Com.
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13 years ago

Who wants a skinny girl after all?


Hammy Havoc
Hammy Havoc
13 years ago
Reply to  George

There’s a fine line between ‘skinny’ and ‘slender’ with only the latter being deemed ‘healthy’.

Chrisselle Mowatt
Chrisselle Mowatt
13 years ago
Reply to  George

I’d have to disagree, I’d say that everyone’s just looking for someone that can make them happy. And if that person needs someone to look a certain way to do such a thing then they really should take a closer look at themselves.

At the end of the day, no-one can be completely perfect to everyone. But I can guarantee that they’re perfect to the people that love and care about them.

13 years ago

This campaign is so inspirational! Ur going to reach so many people, I believe this will make a world of difference. Much love to you, Chrisselle!

Chrisselle Douglas
13 years ago
Reply to  Gemma

Thank you, so much!<3