The Lovely Golf Courses of Coorg

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One of the most luxuriant hill stations of Karnataka, Coorg is as enchanting as it can get. But apart from the misty valleys, waterfalls, nature trails, and endless coffee plantations, Coorg is also home to some of the best golf courses in the state. These sprawling acres of greens have been the playground for many pro golfers of our times, and witness a host of national and international tournaments and golf events. Some of the golf clubs also offer professional training, while others are open for visitors to enjoy a day at the links and try your hands at this fascinating sport. You can also stay at any of the golf retreats for a vacation dedicated to golfing and have a unique experience of Coorg. Make sure to bring your best equipment, including your putters, drivers and best golf shafts to get the most out of your vacation.

There are plenty of courses spread across the town and its neighboring areas, to choose from. Here are our favorite picks.

Bittangala Club

One of the best golf clubs of Coorg district, Bittangala has its exclusive golf course, which is frequented by both patrons and tourists. They have been in operation for over a decade and have already gained immense popularity. It is located at half an hour’s drive from Gonikoppal, 37km from Madikeri town (if you are living in the town). The links are well-designed and are perfect to challenge your golfing skills across different terrains. Apart from the excitement of the sport, this golf course, surrounded by lush estates and dense forests, also offers the most beautiful views of Coorg’s landscape. The slight elevation of the land exposes you to the surrounding hills and valleys, making your tee-time a delightful affair. So, even if you are not a golfer, you can enjoy the views and make your trip worthwhile.

Mercara Downs club

Located only 6km ahead of Madikeri, the capital of Coorg district, Mercara Downs is the closest to the town, and easily accessible. You can avail a top-rated Bangalore to Coorg car rental and drive to the golf course. The suburban golf club spans about 80 acres of sprawling green landscape with rolling grasslands and pits, flanked by tended gardens and forested areas. It also recognized as one of the most scenic, natural golf parklands of the country. The links are good for both pro or hobby golfers to spend a day amidst nature and make your vacation interesting. The lush environment and crisp mountain air are sure to rejuvenate you, while you awaken your sportsmanship and play a game or two.

Belur Golf Club

This is one of the oldest golf clubs of Karnataka, and quite a popular one in Coorg. The nine-hole course is located in Somwarpet, about 36km from Madikeri town and takes about an hour to reach. They also have a clubhouse which offers other sports options like badminton and billiards, which you can also engage in. The expansive course is designed with different terrains, which can make it challenging for first-time golfers.But Belur Golf Club’s charm is not restricted to its greens or the professional golfers who come and practice. The course also sees a huge number of visitors, golfers or not, who come here simply to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and lose themselves in the serenity of nature. If you are on a vacation, you can plan a day picnic, where you might or might not engage in the sport, or, arrange for a bonfire at night, under the stars and enjoy a cozy time with friends and family in the chilly weather. The wonderful location and the pleasant weather is sure to make your vacation memorable.

Coorg Golf Links

A place of heritage for Coorg, the Coorg Golf Links has been in operation since 1987 and is associated with many successful and famous golfers of the country. The nine-hole course enjoys a picturesque location, surrounded by panoramic views of hills and misty valleys, making it more of a retreat than a sports club. The greens span hilly terrain and rolling hills and grassy meadows and are complemented with a full-service bar, a state-of-the-art gym, a clubhouse for members and patrons, a card room, and a lavish dining room.

Ambatty Greens

This is the perfect place if you are planning an exclusive golfing vacation. It is located 37km from Madikeri town, right next to the Coorg Golf Links, and takes about an hour to reach. The luxurious resort is set in the middle of well-landscaped fairways, surrounded by mountains, valleys, coffee plantations, and endless nature trails. You can wake up to uninterrupted views of hills and rolling grasslands of the course. Their 18-hole course is one of the best in the country and welcomes both pro and hobby golfers.

How to reach

Coorg is well-connected to major cities and towns of Karnataka, as well as its neighboring states. The closest metro city is however Bangalore. You can easily rent a reliable car in Bangalore with an experienced driver, directly from the airport, or anywhere within the city and plan your travel. You can also opt for tour packages which will include your travel, local sightseeing, or golf-course hopping.

Image Credits: Coorg Golf Links

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