The Rapid Rise of Fake Flowers

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Anyone looking for a bouquet of any type several years ago would have ventured straight to the local florist and sought one of their fresh supplies. Now, thanks to sites such as, fake flowers are actually proving to be increasingly popular.

This is a development which may have been unheard of at one point, with artificial flowers having something of a horrid reputation. They were plastic, and ultimately, as the name suggested, looked well and truly fake. However, developments in relation to the way in which they are formed means that they have now become a viable solution for anyone who is looking for flowers of any kind.

As well as the increased realism from these products, it goes without saying that customers are also provided with flowers that last a lifetime and can subsequently be ordered and delivered a long time before the big occasion. There is the small matter of price as well, with many of these fake flowers being much cheaper than the Real McCoy which again plays on a lot of consumers’ minds given the country’s precarious financial situation.

These are products which don’t just have to be reserved for minor events either. For example, for those looking for a standard bouquet, something as simple as silk flowers or plastic flowers will be suitable. In relation to the latter, the range that Michael Dark promote is vast and covers everything from Gerbera to Tulips – all of which look remarkably realistic.

There are also types to suit other occasions. Take the fake fruit for example; something that might be used to form part of an existing bouquet or to act as table decoration. Again, fake fruit may have once looked like something from a children’s playset, but modern day ranges such as those available from banish such misconceptions and highlight realism yet again.

Even greenery such as foliage can be purchased synthetically. Usually reserved for wedding days and other special occasions, this can line any sort of environment and add a degree of sophistication. Considering the fact that sells some foliage for as little as 45p, it highlights just what sort of setting can be created on a budget. The “real” alternative is much more expensive and again, precautions have to be taken in relation to the ordering time and suitable storage.

The collections available in “fake” format even stem as far as plants. Instead of homeowners frantically fetching their watering can to treat these plants, it’s now possible to have a permanent arrangement. Again, the prices are more than competitive, with the cheapest Michael Dark artificial plant costing just £2.70.

It’s even possible to purchase these products in varying materials. While silk and plastic may have been looked at thus far, it’s also now possible to shop for foam synthetic flowers. These are particularly effective for roses and they are ideal for anyone shopping on a budget, with most large options in the Michael Dark catalogue costing little more than £1.

Such options are transforming the way in which people shop for flowers. This was an industry which was once hugely restricted and expensive, with the former deriving because of the conditions that flowers had to be stored in. However, with artificial flowers, plants and foliage most definitely being a suitable alternative due to their realistic finish, it means that consumers now have an option next time they want to purchase any sort of flower decoration for either their home, or an occasion such as a wedding. This would have been unheard of just several years ago.

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