The Six Best Wicker Storages for Your Home

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Your home is the foundation of your whole personality and your comfort zone. This year, it is time to reorganize and clean with storage boxes. There’s been a new trend of storing all your things in one place: a wicker basket.

Wicker baskets are a favourite way to store things and also by add some beauty to your home. This type of storage is stylish, making them very easy to fit in in any theme your house has. Here are the top 6 best wicker baskets that were on the market in 2020.

Willow Wicker Laundry Basket by Household Essentials

This wicker storage is designed to perfectly store dirty clothes subtly and stylishly. It is available in natural and dark brown colours, meaning it will blend in your bathroom.  This wicker basket comes with a removable liner for bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms.

The material used for this basket is water hyacinth, so it is durable and long-lasting. The removable fabric can also be used as a cover whenever you wash your delicates.

Wicker Floor Baskets by Trademark Innovations

These wicker floor baskets come in sets. They add a different vibe whenever placed inside a bedroom because of their natural materials and style. These wicker baskets come in three different sizes: large, medium, and small. The material used to create them is water hyacinth, so these too are long lasting.

These baskets are useful for storing books, toys, makeup, accessories, socks, clothes, and more. They are also versatile because you can also use them as decorations inside your living room or kitchen.

Handwoven Wicker Storage Baskets by Yankee Trader

Do you have a storage shelf inside your home and want to replace it with different boxes? These handwoven storage baskets are what you’ve been searching for, and are available on Amazon. You can purchase these baskets in a set of three in natural colours.

You can store many household items in these baskets. They are handwoven, using a water hyacinth material in a sturdy steel frame. The three baskets can add some style to your living room or bedroom.

Premium Wicker Bins By Household Essentials

It is time to change the old dustbins in your bedroom and kitchen. These premium wicker bins are great for indoor spaces because of their stylish design that could add some spice to your home. They are available on Amazon for an affordable price, and they come in a set of three wicker bins.

They are made of bamboo, and they are collapsible so they can fit on shelves and be put away. These wicker bins are perfect alternatives to metal and plastic bins, especially if you’re into wood-accented furniture.

Rectangular Wicker Baskets by Trademark Innovations

If you’re not into square wicker baskets or circular ones, try this rectangular wicker basket with a lid. This rectangular wicker basket is available on Amazon, and it comes in three different sizes. The baskets are made of natural seagrass materials over an iron wire frame, making it durable.

The three baskets have different storage purposes. You can place them in your bedroom, living room, office, and even in your kitchen. They have a natural colour that can easily blend in with any theme.

Barrel Storage Tub with Lid by Household

People who live in smaller apartments should get storage boxes to free up some space. These barrel storage tubs are a great option, and they are made from a thick water hyacinth material that is braided and formed like a barrel. You can purchase these storage tubs on Amazon.

They have natural colouring, which gives them an earthy feel that could blend easily in any style and theme. You can store different things inside the basket, and use it as a seat or a small table.


Using wicker baskets as storage boxes is the new trend this year because of their unique style, which is perfect for all households. They are worth having, especially if you want everything in your home organized and if you are looking for alternative storage solutions.

Image Credits: Dan Gold

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