The Smart Phone E-Waste Epidemic

in Health & Well-being

Let’s face it, smart phones are here to stay. With the rapid advancement of technology in all areas of life, we seem to be more and more connected to our mobile devices. Most people go through phones and upgrade on a yearly basis so the growing e-waste epidemic is more of a problem than ever before.

With the new introduction of wearable technology and a younger generation that seem to be glued to these devices, it’s important that we spread the word and provide e-waste education to anyone who owns technology. It can help save our planet while helping us eliminate the waste of precious resources!

Not only do un-properly recycled electronics like smart phones cause damage to the environment, but they also can cause damage to our health and overtime can lead to cancer and other neurological disorders.

We break down the numbers and statistics here for you in this neat infographic.

The Smart Phone E-Waste Epidemic - All Green Recycling

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