The Successor To SMS And GSM Phone Calls: Viber

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As a proud iPhone owner, I thought it was time that I shared the two little discoveries I made: The first being that I rarely use my iPhone for its cellphone functionality, and the second being the fact that I quickly found an app that replaced SMS and GSM phone calls.

Viber – Free Your Calls!

Viber is an iPhone VoIP application that allows you to call free to any device with the application installed. Now with this application being free to download I would suggest that you tell your friends about it and you can all save some money on your phone bill! This application is slowly but surely changing the way in which I call: It’s quick and simple to install and it’s even easier to use. Using the same layout as the original ‘Phone’ app for the iPhone, it’s nice to be working with familiar territory even if you are new to the application.

Viber now allows you to send SMS for free too!

After installing the latest version of Viber I didn’t expect much more than a few behind the scene changes, but oh, I was so wrong! Viber are now offering free text messaging between devices, which makes my life a lot easier. Being able to make free phone calls and send free SMS from the same app is perfect if you’re forever using your iPhone to contact friends, family or colleagues.

Five Great Things About Viber

  • There’s no need for usernames: Simply download the app and click on the verify link that you will get sent and you’ll receive your Viber phone number that you can share with people.
  • Free to download and free to use!
  • Quicker to load than the Skype for iPhone app and it sends you push notifications when somebody is calling!
  • Keep all of your contacts in sync with your address book.
  • Easy search feature for finding the person you want to contact!


Below are some screenshots of Viber 2.0.1

Viber Viber

The Successor To SMS And GSM Phone Calls: Viber 1


So why not download Viber from the App Store today? It’s all yours for free!

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Kurt Sa Ran
Kurt Sa Ran
10 years ago

does it can call to gsm if they dont have smart phone

Hammy Havoc
Hammy Havoc
10 years ago
Reply to  Kurt Sa Ran

Yes, sir, you use Viber Out: (- :