Top Natural Ingredients to Look for in a Hair Growth Supplement

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The average woman spends two hours a week on hair maintenance which includes washing and styling. It means that hair plays an essential role in appearance and personal hygiene. Most people derive self-esteem and motivation from the state of their hair. They also use the hair for self- expression and creative endeavors through a change in hairstyle or color.

Because of the significant role of hair in a person’s life, best supplement hair growth products are needed to keep the crowning glory lush and healthy. There are hundreds of supplements available in the market today. It would be great to select the best one that will nourish and heal from the inside.

Before choosing the supplement to buy, read the label carefully and make sure it contains the following ingredients. It will ensure that you are going to select the best supplement hair growth product that is safe and effective.

  1. Ashwagandha Root

Stress is one of the principal causes of premature hair loss. The best remedy for it would be a natural adaptogen that helps manage stress like the Ashwagandha root. This ancient medicinal herb also lowers cortisol levels and increases the body’s fighting mechanism against depression and anxiety.

This powerful herb that has Ayurvedic roots is clinically proven to contain scalp circulation and hair strengthening qualities that prevent hair loss. Thus, Ashwagandha benefits in reducing stress and enhancing your hair quality.

  1. Tocopherol

Tocopherol, commonly known as Vitamin E, is a fat-soluble nutrient that plays a significant role in hair care. It helps nourish the scalp and promote hair growth with its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress and free radicals that contribute to hair loss. It protects and strengthens the hair follicles so it will not break down.

Heat, styling products, sunlight, and harsh chemicals strip your hair of its natural shine. Vitamin E can help repair the damage and bring back your mane’s lustrous quality.

  1. Saw Palmetto

The small berries of this plant were used for food and medicine by Native Americans for hundreds of years. Studies show that saw palmetto can treat hair loss by blocking the enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone to a molecule that causes hair loss. It works the same way as synthetic prescription drugs in treating hair loss but is safer, especially with prolonged use.

  1. Bioperine

You may be surprised to know that Bioperine is an ingredient that is present in almost all kitchens all over the world. Bioperine is another term for black pepper extract. Aside from giving food its distinctive flavor, Bioperine offers many health benefits.

Black pepper extract boosts the bioavailability of several vitamins.  It helps the body absorb certain nutrients such as Vitamin E and Selenium, which play a vital role in being the best supplement hair growth. It also enhances the body’s metabolism, which allows for better absorption of the essential antioxidants.

  1. Horsetail Whole Extract

Another ancient herb that passed the test of time is horsetail. The extract of this type of fern has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that can be used to treat and prevent hair loss. Horsetail contains silica, a mineral that is proven to promote healthy hair and nail growth. It aids in strengthening the hair strand and brings back your mane’s shine.

Nature has a way of healing the body with the bountiful herbs, plants, and spices that are available to man. Fortunately, Science has a way of harnessing these ingredients that makes it easier for people to use them. The road to beautiful hair is now within your reach. Make sure that you choose supplements with the best natural ingredients.

Image Credits: Yoann Boyer

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