Wheatus Storm The Charts… Again!

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I’m pretty sure that 99.9% of you know the lyrics that are about to follow from Wheatus.

“Her name is Noelle, I have a dream about her, she rings my bell, I got gym class in half an hour. Oh how she rocks, in Keds and tube socks.. “

It is of course the infamous Teenage Dirtbag. This song has been causing quite the stir on Twitter recently! It has been a Trending Topic for the past two Sundays in a row. Why? Because against all odds, Teenage Dirtbag has returned to the charts! That’s right, after an incredible eleven years, it’s battling for the number one spot again!

Well, actually it’s already been number one in the alternative iTunes chart in the UK and Ireland within the past two weeks! This is an incredible journey to watch a band that us here at Previous love go on. We’re so proud of these guys, it’s crazy. They’ve been through the rough, but have always came out shining like the diamonds that they are.

And so the race begins!

So now the race is on to get Teenage Dirtbag to the number one spot on the Official Top 40 within the UK. There’s already a campaign storming Facebook and hundreds of dedicated fans tweeting about how you can be a part of history.

Follow Wheatus on Twitter and join the campaign on Facebook!

Also don’t forget to purchase the song on iTunes to help get the song to number one! You can get it for the tiny sum of 59p by simply clicking here.

Help Wheatus by saying Suck Fony

While many think the band have been ‘taking a break’, they couldn’t be further from the truth! Since Teenage Dirtbag was first released, Brendan B. Brown and the gang have been hard it work coming up with more genius anthems for you guys. If you hop on over to Wheatus.Com where you can download albums 2-5 on a pay what you like basis. The albums to choose from include Hand Over Your Loved Ones, TooSoonMonsoon, as well as Pop, Songs and Death Volumes 1 & 2.

Wheatus are even rewarding their UK Frogs!

Yes, you heard right! Wheatus are repaying the Frogs by giving us a special UK tour in the fall. The tickets for their Islington, London gig are already on sale and you can purchase them over on Artist Ticket. Here’s the best thing about it! If you guys get enough of your Teenage Dirtbag chums to come along to the gig with you and we manage to sell all of the tickets for this concert, Wheatus are willing to add even more dates and give us a full UK tour. So who’s with me when I say it’s time to show some Frog unity?

Wheatus performing at last year’s Islington show

Let’s get downloading Teenage Dirtbag and buying the tickets in support of this incredible band that inspire so many people without even realizing it! Wheatus were one of the inspirations behind Chrisselle Mowatt’s project, Don’t Lose Your Grip that we recently interviewed the girl herself about, you can check the interview out here.

Keds and Tube Socks,

Photo credit to Gordon Bibby.

Why not let us know what your favourite Wheatus song is in the comments below?

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13 years ago

Frog Fo’ Life! Wheatus fo’ number 1

Hammy Havoc
Hammy Havoc
13 years ago
Reply to  Ross

There aren’t many bands that can say that they’re still popular eleven years later, especially post-label. Love them!