5 Men’s Accessories That Can Be a Serious Confidence Booster

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When facing massive challenges where potential failure lurks at every corner, you may have often heard this advice – “be more confident!”

And your instant impulse on this recommendation goes like, how? Is it so easy?

Amy Adkins, in her TED Talk “Three Tips to Boost Your Confidence,” talks about natural traits, social components, and self-learned attitudes to escalate your self-esteem. While we do not have any control over the first two, it is possible to take charge of the third method.

Every man needs to ignite the spark within. Whether you want to grab the attention of the new lady at work, present your pitch before investors, or win promotion, it is crucial to have an aura of confidence.

I can go on over the importance of confidence in an individual, but let’s keep this discussion to another day. For now, focus on how you can control the reins. Below are five men’s accessories you must have to boost your confidence:

  1. Belts

Belts are not just meant to hold your pants. They can be a serious confidence booster. With a simple dress shirt, a belt can completely transform your look.

There is a wide variety of belts you can choose from. You can keep it casual with fabric belts having funky stripes or go for a leather belt with a statement buckle. And if you want to keep it low, you can opt for a brown or black belt.

When choosing the belt for each outfit, make sure the shade goes with the overall look. Do not go overboard, and also, make sure it is affordable for you.

  1. Watches

Research reveals that wearing a watch improves your conscientiousness and punctuality. It has to match with your overall appearance and tends to set a standard for you. The quality of the watch you wear shows your attention to time-management and keeps you conscious of your time.

A classic watch on one’s wrist boosts even the simplest outfit and wins the nod of an apt observer. Pull out all the stops with eye-catching straps such as these for your quintessential daily accessory.

A good-looking watch makes you feel masculine and in control. It saves you the embarrassment when someone in an elevator or along the corridors asks you the time. You don’t want to feel like a loser when an attractive person in the office asks you the time. Right?

A major trend at the moment that we expect to grow during 2020 is that of skeleton watches. It looks incredibly luxurious, and this is why you should never pair it up with worn-out tees. Similarly, the analog watches are also quite charming and classy as compared to smartwatches.

We strongly recommend our readers invest in a watch. Have at least two, one casual, and one luxury.

  1. Eyewear

Glasses are the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Tap into any celebrity’s Instagram profile, and you will find a sheer number of images of them wearing cool eyewear, like clear frame glasses. It is one piece of accessory that every man can pull off easily. You can wear funky shades or the gentleman shades, whatever suits your personality.

A good, timeless pair of sunglasses is the ultimate accessory everyone must own. It certainly doesn’t mean buying an expensive brand of shades. Just give more thought to it. The sunglasses you buy must align with your face-cut and match with the outfits you put on. An easy way out is to purchase neutral-colored glasses that suit all events and clothes.

  1. Hats

Hats have been around for a long time. Earlier, they were used to protect the face from sun rays, but now, it is more of an accessory. It has gone through significant style upgrades. From baseball caps to couture pieces, there is a hat of varying colors to befit every face shape. You even have the option to customize them, you can do so with the help of Embroidery Colorado Springs professionals.

Sometimes, picking an appropriate hat is not as easy for everyone. You must learn that if you are keeping it casual, then you should avoid wool or felt hats. Instead, go for beanies, baseball caps, or bucket hats. Assess the venue requirements first. A lightweight straw hat is perfect for a day at the beach. And if you are taking your girl out for a walk in chilly weather, any casual winter cap would suffice.

To ensure your hat boosts your confidence, pay close attention to colors. For example, if you come across a gray leather jacket in men’s section while strolling about a clothing store, look for a black or gray hat. But in case you will be wearing a blue sweatshirt with black pants, then a gray beanie would look awesome with it.

  1. Bags

You don’t have to feel awkward carrying a backpack or a bag of any sort. Fashion magazines have been showing male models flaunting a variety of bags now and then.

There are loads of things you need to carry, and all of it cannot fit inside a pocket. Getting yourself a men’s leather wash bag would be the perfect choice for carrying your small but essential things. Find a bag that gives you a dressier, sharper look. Leather bags have this quality of taking your overall appearance up a notch. Briefcases bags are great for workplaces. And if you are going out for a random hangout with friends, then a backpack will look ultra-cool.

A piece of advice here, invest in a quality bag. It may be a little more than your budget limits, but five years later, you will have a handsome piece that looks better with age. You don’t have to go shopping for a bag to replace a cheap purchase.

Parting Thought – You Can Do It!

Confidence gives you the attention you deserve. It enables you to achieve the best in life as you have trust in your abilities. It cuts a high-profile, and people love to be around you.

Remember – confidence is not something out of your reach. An adequately laid plan can help you find the lost faith in yourself. Currently, Amazon has 31, 393 books about confidence. This shows you can learn it too.

From now on, stop doubting yourself. Believe. Dream. Grow.

And once you are there, you won’t be relying on blog posts like this anymore. Who knows, you might be writing one.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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