How to Make A Firm Mattress Softer

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If you’re anything like me then you will love your sleep. Some days – days that drag a little long, or go a little worse than planned – the only thing keeping me going is the thought of my bed at night. The thought of shutting up shop and closing myself off from the outside world. Bed can return you back to top form the following day and make the day before seem all too much like a bad dream. After a nightmare day, bedtime comfort can often be a lifesaver, with comfort and sleep going hand in hand. Or do they?

Sometimes, giving the items in your bedroom a spruce is all you need to get a decent night’s sleep, especially your mattress. I think we can all have slight problems with our mattresses but I think I have been lucky. But even during the moments when you might not be able to afford a new mattress, or it might not be at the top of your priority list, you can still find ways to improve the sleeping situation without having to spend vast amounts of money putting it right. You might just need a little bit of creativity and a lot of willing. But it is doable.

Making a firm mattress a little softer is always a great idea. You will often find your sleep improving through tailoring what you lie on when you sleep and this can only be a good sign. The better you sleep the better your days will go and the earlier you will start tackling the things you need to do in your life. The earlier you wake, the earlier you will sleep – the cycle goes around and around. No matter how little difference you think your mattress can make, you could very well be a little bit surprised.

It’s also not just your mattress you might want to think about. The bed frame is often something that can fall underappreciated and become underwhelming and often it’s one part of the bedroom that gets forgotten about in the process of refurbishing. That can do as much good – or as much damage – as a new mattress and some new pillows can do for a starter. You want a steady, firm frame, with no uneven parts and preferably strong and sturdy, with wooden slats or something similar. It is more helpful to your posture and comfortable to your sleep to own a solid bed.

I would like to take you through some of the ways in which we can get your mattress to the most comfortable position and feel while not spending a whole load of money to get to that position in the process. There are some quick and easy steps that don’t break the bank.

Helping Soften Your Mattress

I’ve always found that the best way to solve your mattress issues is to buy a new mattress. There are some great mattress reviews online that will help you decide which you may want. I know it sounds simple and maybe a little more than you wanted to pay but to be honest, bedding is built to last these days and with the right decision you will feel comfortable for longer.

I understand that most people aren’t able to go ahead and buy a new mattress right off the bat, but there are still a few ways to help. Firstly, consider a mattress topper.

A mattress topper is a piece of material – sometimes foam – that you will put on the top of your mattress before you dress it, to make it more comfortable and take away some of the hard, uncomfortable feel to the bed. Simple and easy to use, this will offer you a really comfortable feel and have you avoid needing to buy anything too expensive.

Have you ever thought about rotating and changing around your mattress to a different side of the bed? If the problem with your mattress is that it’s old and the springs have gone, it could be a good idea to take a look into this. One of the major things with old mattresses is that you tend to sleep in one place each night, which is fine, but when it comes to years down the line and you’re getting a little uncomfortable, flip the mattress and sleep on the other side and the opposite end. You will find that your body is heavier than your feet (naturally!) and that there is still a lot of strength and cushion in that old dog yet. This will buy you time to save up some serious money for a new bed/mattress and still keep you comfortable when sleeping. Not the ideal solution, but it is free and easy.

Maybe you’ve already got a new mattress but it is still a little on the tough side. As memory foam mattresses become more popular, people often just throw them on their bed and think nothing of the finer details. Memory foam is temperature sensitive so, during the winter months as the home gets colder, the memory foam mattress finds itself a little tougher and harder than usual. But fear not! If you have, or can buy yourself and electric blanket, plug that in and warm the bed up for half an hour before you get in and you will find the foam comfy, cozy and warm to boot. That’s the perfect way to get into bed at night.

There are a few ways to help make your firm mattress a little softer. It’s never the ideal situation to be in and if you’re not really wanting to buy a new one, you can get by with avoiding doing so. I would say, though, that if you can spend some money doing so, it’s always good to keep in mind purchasing a fresh, new mattress and doing your research when doing so. It’s a serious matter, how you sleep, so it’s worth the investment you put in.

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